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13 Seater Minibus | A Luxury / VIP Mini Bus Charter

VIP Minibus Charter

Executive 13 Seater Mini bus

Executive 13 Seater Minibus

Executive 13 Seater Mini bus

Executive 13 Seater Mini bus

Executive 13 Seater Mini bus


Every Tourist Deserves A Luxury / VIP Mini Bus Charter Experience

You really do not have to be a movie star or a really influential person for you to take advantage of a reliable and professional luxury/VIP mini bus charter. In actuality, you can hire the services of a professional charter mini bus or  coach company and you will instantly feel that you are a celebrity. Now, there are so many reasons why this type of mini bus service entails the following benefits, which in the end can and will convince you that this is not something that only those belonging to the elite or group of the rich and famous can afford. But with the help of the right charter mini bus service provider, you and your travel companions will be able to feel like total celebrities.

What Your VIP / Luxury Mini Bus Charter Can Offer


The following are the benefits that you can expect from this type of charter bus service:

  • Stress free way to travel. This is especially important for those who are in need of the right mode of transportation to be able to get around a place that they are not really or not at all familiar with. Chartering a luxury mini bus will make sure that you will never have to worry about being late for your tours and even your important events.
  • Private rides all the way. Can you imagine yourself sharing a tour bus with other tourists or guests? If you can’t, then this is definitely the way for you to travel. VIP charter buses offer completely private travel services to ensure that you will feel comfortable and at ease throughout your stay.
  • Amazing amenities fit for the stars and VIPs that you really are! Your chosen charter bus service will make sure that you will never ever have to complain about being bored and uncomfortable on the road. Because no matter how short or long your trip around Singapore would be, your bus company will ensure that the bus that you will be using is equipped with the best amenities. The seats are comfy and really spacious interiors. You can even ask the company to provide you with a list of extra furnishings and assistance that they can surely provide.
  • Luxury doesn’t have to be expensive. Maxi taxi in Singapore offers affordable VIP mini bus charter services that would suit even the most budgeted of travelers. You have the chance to personalize or customize your travel packages without compromising the quality of your vacation.

Top Tourist Destinations in Singapore

Maxi Cab Bookings in Singapore will help you come up with the right itinerary that would surely make you feel like real kings and queens:

  1. Gardens by the Bay
  2. Waterfront Promenade
  3. Sentosa
  4. Kranji War Memorial
  5. Marina Bay Sands Skypark
  6. Orchard Road
  7. The Helix Bridge
  8. Merlion Park
  9. Bukit Brown Cemetery
  10. Fort Canning Park

All you have to do, in order for you to be able to visit all these places and more, is to acquire the services of a luxury/VIP mini bus charter from us, here at SGMaxi® Cab.

Unlike our normal 13 seater minibus, these executive minibus best for business or VIP guest use. Welcome them onboard with nice clean PVC leather interior seats that stand out from the school minibus. Price starts from $100 per transfer or $85 per hour with minimum of 3 conservative hours booking. If you are looking for something smaller, take a look at our 7 seater maxi cab. Also available for 1 way transfer, Singapore Airport Transfer, Bulky Items Transfer, Legoland and other parts of Malaysia