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5 Happy Occasions That Deserve A Limousine Service!


For many of us, stepping inside a limousine is an extravagance we can afford only a few times in our entire lives. Your wedding reception or hen’s night is an event that comes only once in a lifetime and it goes without saying that you would want to make elaborate arrangements and commemorate the occasion with exemplary finesse. You would be eager to impart that exceptional touch or lend a special edge to the event so that you reminisce over it for a long time to come. You can consider hiring a limousine service in Singapore for the following significant events.

1. Wedding Anniversary

A marriage anniversary is one momentous event that you and your spouse love to observe in a very ostentatious manner. You invite your closest friends and relatives to the party and sometimes orientate the entire occasion around a theme.

Why not stun your guests by sending a Mercedes limousine to their doorsteps to pick them up and transport them together to your anniversary. Alternatively, you can pamper your spouse by sending a limousine to pick her up and drop her at a restaurant or hotel.

2. Corporate Events Transfers

Renting a limousine for transporting executive directors of a company board or all executive members of a company for an important event will offer a refreshing dimension to the conclave. Depending upon the number of members scheduled to attend the meeting, our limousine in services we can provide different capacity vehicles ranging from 4 to 6 people like our Toyota Alphard rental. These vehicles are equipped with all the modern amenities that you’d expect to find in a luxury limousine. When you need larger capacities, you can also consider a hiring a few limousines or maybe use our mini buses services that can fit up to 13 people – these are more affordable but not as prestigious, so we make it up with our exceptional service and vehicle quality and cleanliness!

3. Weddings

A great majority of about to be married couples reserve a limousine for the beautiful occasion. Different models of limousines are available to suit various settings of wedding receptions. For instance, you can rent a Rolls Royce limousine service for a marriage reception organized inside a regal chateau. If you want, our limousine service in Singapore can embellish or decorate the vehicle to suit the background of the wedding venue. We as service providers will be able to make arrangements for the thorough entertainment of your guests inside the limousine while they’re being transported from one venue to another. Of course, if you are looking to create convenience for all your guests by providing transport for all of them from the nearby MRT to the main venue, consider using our bus charter services.

4. Proms

A great of majority of teenagers want to wish goodbye to their secondary-school years and celebrate their ushering into adulthood. They throw parties to memorialize the occasion and renting a limousine will definitely add a glamour quotient to the event.

5. Airport Transfers

If you want to start your trip to an exotic location on a lavish note or wish to get back home in the lap of luxury, all you need to do is reserve a limousine. You will find the chauffeur waiting outside the airport or outside your residence holding a placard in your name and ready to drive you. A more affordable option would be to hire our 7-seater maxi cabs – and you still get our no comprise quality policy!


Apart from the aforementioned events, we keep a fleet of luxury vehicles ready for chartered sightseeing even to malaysia or any other special event you might come across.