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5 Surprising Reasons It Is Better to Ride A Cab for Hire in Singapore Than to Bring Your Car

5 Reasons It Is Better to Ride A Cab for Hire in Singapore Than to Bring Your Car

Even with the surging cost of petroleum and car operation in Singapore, we all need transportation whether spending a holiday or having a road trip, among other purposes. For the practical individuals and drivers, driving their own car isn’t always the better option but a Maxi cab in Singapore. To tell you more about it, find out why the wise opt for it than bringing their own car.

Why Ride a Cab vs.  Driving Your Car

Singapore’s Land Transport Authority revealed that the average car traveled 17,500 kilometers per year (2014 data), equating to fuel consumption of 8 liters per 100 kilometers (or 1,400 litres annually) and S$2,600 a year for fuel, assuming it costs S$1.85 per litre for a middle-grade gas.

Ease & Convenience

It’s given that you love to drive, and we do too.  But driving is a huge source of stress when maneuvering in traffic-filled roads in the city. You don’t have the choice if you’re operating the wheel because you simply have to keep going, no matter what.

But by hiring the services of a Maxicab company like SGMaxi, you can just sit back and relax with lots of ample space – this time as a passenger with lots of space for your friends and family, shopping or just by yourself!  The only thing left for you to do is to enjoy the ride, listen to music, talk over the phone and forget about everything.

If you’re a tourist, the more you may want to opt for a cab service than to rent a car and be your own chauffeur to move around. Imagine being unfamiliar with the roads, highways and thoroughfares in Singapore.

How many times do you think you’d ask for the right direction?  And what if your phone’s GPS stop working and you need to get to your destination in a few? What could be worse is that you’d be having a business meeting in an hour, yet you have not reached the hotel’s location?  Right, you name it.

With a dedicated taxi service in Singapore, you save and optimize your travel time as well.  It provides you with a convenient service, no matter the time of the day, so you won’t have to worry if you’re tired the whole night and you are just too sleepy to drive back home or hotel.

A chauffeured cab in Singapore can also let you hit the road after office for a weekend trip on a Friday night, instead of a Saturday morning, too. You or any of your friends won’t have to take the wheel and you will be able to catch up on some rest when you reach your destination.

No Additional Expenses

Owning and operating a car in this country means paying not only fuel prices but also insurance costs.  But with a chauffeur service like SGMaxi, the only cost to pay is the rate of the rental.

For example, traveling with a group for pleasure or business, this Singapore cab for hire can be your ideal carrier because it charges only S$55.00 to S$75.00 for a one-way transfer based on the service and vehicle type. For full rates, click this link.  **Rates may change without prior notice.

So aside from traveling in style, the maxi cab services uses vehicles like that can accommodate up to seven passengers, including luggage, is by far the better option than bringing your car that needs maintenance, insurance and fuel.  If you looking to transport more people, you might look at the 13-seater mini-bus! With a cab service, all you need to pay is the cabbie and forget the rest!


So, you have just moved to Singapore. The next thing you’d want to know is how to navigate the roads, find specific destinations and move around – with knowledge. While you have might have bought a car upon moving here, you are yet familiar with the roadmap of the city.

If you mean serious business about educating yourself on the roads, places and other things related to moving around in the country, you may want to consider getting a cab for hire.

Many cabbies/chauffeurs are knowledgeable, skilled and trained on the different terrains, thoroughfares and roads.  They know their job and Singapore so well that they could take you even to the remotest spot in the city.

These professional drivers are not only friendly but also masters of insider tips. One can provide you with advice on what roads to avoid because of traffic or to take during rush hours, something advantageous for new drivers like you. The driver also knows the shortcuts, the specific traffic rules and all other things related to city driving.  With help, you can educate yourself about directions as well.

24/7 Booking

At anytime, a cab for hire in Singapore is ready to serve!  For example, passengers/tourists/business executives can transact for a Maxi cab booking anytime.

A cab service is available every minute, something you and your group would appreciate if you were moving around in Singapore for the first time. So drop the key, leave your Singaporean friend’s car, and spend a road trip with the entire gang with ease, safety and convenience of a 7-seater taxi.

Whenever you would need it, you can book its service, wait for the cabbie, hang out with your friends, and spend a great nightlife in the city!

[Also worth mentioning, if there is something wrong with your car, you can still move around by booking a taxi service. All you have to do is to get in touch with them and book a service. Wait for the cab and go!]

No Liability

Road accidents are called such for a reason – they happen in the most unexpected places and times.  Driving your car and getting into an accident along the way, you can be liable for damages and injuries of the other parties involved especially if you’re at-fault.

These accidents do happen no matter the type of car (limo, sedan, SUV) you’re riding.  Riding a cab, you don’t have to worry about liability during an accident because the company is going to take care of it.  You are the passenger – not the driver – in this case, so you won’t be liable to pay for any damage/injury.

Are you ready to take advantage of hiring a taxi in Singapore? Would you like to experience the ease and convenience, no-hassle moving around and anytime ride, to name some?  If so, get your phone and proceed with a Maxicab Booking today!