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6 Handy Tips For Marketing a Limo Business


Since you will have to vie with competitors for expanding your business, you will have to try every trick in the trade to net in new customers as well as keep your steadfast clientele base. As you need to concentrate on the core areas of your limousine service in Singapore you would be better off hiring a marketing consultant or specialist who will devise a near-failsafe canvassing plan or scheme for promoting your startup. SGMaxi has started from scratch with our maxi cab services and has now extended to bus charter services, mini buses and premium limousines. We made many marketing mistakes, adjusted along the wat and have now made some headways. We are now giving back to the industry and community by providing some tips! Surely, you won’t be able to turn things overnight but if you implement the following tips or guidelines, you can look forward to growing and developing the enterprise.

Part 1: Offline Tips

1. Distribute flyers and pamphlets

Recruit students to distribute flyers and pamphlets during their free time. Tell them to take a position in public places and handout the leaflets to the passing people. They can also pass on the pamphlets to passengers in cars and drop these in postboxes outside apartment blocks.

2. Have business cards printed with QR codes

You may already have a ready stock of business cards carrying brilliant designs. You can punch QR codes on these cards so that smartphone users can log in to your site with ease.

3. Send physical mailers

Postcards and envelopes still have their uses in a world where sending emails has become the norm. You may send in electronic mailers to prospective clients but it is very likely that your e-mails might get deleted and discarded as their inboxes might be replete with spammers. Perhaps, posting direct mailers in the form of postcards, envelopes and inland letters to potential customers will attract their attention.

4. Brand promotion

Make the most out of different brand promotion strategies. For instance advertise your business across different media including but not limited to newspapers, magazines, periodicals, billboards, brochures, gift certificates, and car decals. Additionally, you can have your limousine service Singapore logo or emblem emblazoned on t-shirts, coffee mugs, pens, and so on. Just make sure that the brand image is identical across all mediums.

Part II: Online Strategies

1. Creative as well as relevant content

When it comes to publicizing a product or service online, content is still King and reigns supreme. Not only should you’ve a portal that can be accessed quickly and conveniently across a range of digital devices but the content should be creative and relevant enough to influence the niche group that’ll be interested in what you’re offering. Refresh your content and update blogs periodically.

2. Offer discounts and rebates with caveats

Apart from the select group you’re targeting, there might be users or customers who may evince interest in your limousine service in Singapore the moment you offer ‘free drink on your first booking’. Of course, there is no such thing as a free lunch or ride for that matter as you’ll include the cost of the drink and then offer a discount on the whole billing which will eat into your profits but only nominally.


Apart from the above guidelines for advertising your limo business, there are several other tips as well. For instance, you can take advantage of the different automated social media sites for publicity purpose. Contact us if you would like some tips on starting up!