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6 Important Things to Know Before Booking a Limo Service


The moment you think of a limo, images of a smartly dressed dapper chauffeur opening the door of a car like a Rolls Royce limousine for you to step in or step out inundates your mind. Many people envisage renting a limo for a wedding reception or a prom party as the luxury vehicle can intensify the glamorousness of an event by several notches. However, selecting a limo from a service provider that’ll be perfect for the event is easier said than done. Since all limo brands or rental agencies are not created equal and differ from one another in terms of amenities or luxuries offered, it follows that you need to crosscheck specific aspects before reserving a vehicle.

1. The services on offer

For any limousine service in Singapore, if it claims to be a reputed and established, one should be able to provide a vehicle for any event and especially those for which limos are generally hired. In other words, the agency should be able to send a limo for a wedding party, airport transfer, prom party, private party, corporate occasion, and so on.

2. The fleet of vehicles

In order for the limousine service in Singapore to dispatch limos for the aforementioned services, it will have to maintain a diversified and large fleet of luxury vehicles. Simply put, the outfit will need to have a fleet of sedans like the Toyota Alphard or Vellfire limousine or a Mercedes, maxi cab, limos, mini buses, and limo coaches in running condition.

3. Areas served

Though you may take it for granted that the limo firms in Singapore will serve the entire vicinity and consider this aspect a no brainer, you should still make it a point to check out whether the agency serves in the locality you need the services at.

4. The price factor

That premium vehicle service will always come at a premium price goes without saying. Most agencies charge on an hourly basis but then there are special packages for customers and for festive seasons. Don’t forget to ask for a quotation where all the details will be clearly outlined.

5. Are you allowed to check out the vehicle before booking?

Since renting a limo is undoubtedly costlier, you will surely want to check out what you are spending money on. Everything appears hunky dory when you check out the images of limos on the website. It is only when you take a peek inside the real vehicle do you get to see the real picture.

6. Does the company has the license to operate and is the vehicle insured?

A certified limo vehicle operator will have the requisite licenses to operate in the area served by it. Additionally, all its vehicles should be insured.


So, there you are things you need to know prior to booking a limo service. Surf the net or inquire with the limousine company for the other significant considerations you need to be aware of before opting for limo hire.