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6 Limousine Rental Tips


Your wedding is once-in-a-lifetime event that you’d wish to organize and celebrate in a spectacular manner which you and your better-half would like to remember for a lifetime. At the same time, your prom party or your graduation investiture ceremony are also one-off events that you’d surely like to be memorable.

Renting a limousine in Singapore for all the above occasions is undoubtedly a unique way of heightening the glamour quotient of such events as ferrying celebrated guests in a luxury vehicle is something they’re bound to reminisce over time.

Now, there are some key considerations that you must take into account prior to renting a limousine service.

1. The nature of the event

It is implicit that the nature of the event will decide the sort or size of luxury vehicle you’ll need. You will need a 20 to 40 seater bus charter service for a wedding reception or a birthday bash where the number of guests is surely going to be at least 35-40. On the other hand, a 4-seater Rolls Royce limousine will suffice if you’re transporting steadfast clientele from the airport to hotel or commuting them to a restaurant for an important meeting over lunch. If you need a bigger car that can commute around 6 people then it would be a good idea to go for a Toyota Alphard or Vellfire Limousine. The service provider will be in a position to offer you suggestions on the kind of limo you should reserve for the occasion.

2. Give some thought to your choice as well

Apart from considering the inputs furnished by the limo rental agency with regards to the type of limousine you should opt for, give adequate weight to your preferences as well. Browse through as many vehicles as possible both online and in person before you take the ultimate decision. Guests squirming and fidgeting inside the vehicle and complaining about the poor service is the last thing you’d want especially after investing quite a princely sum.

3. Try to maximize return on your investments

Since you are paying more as compared to a normal car rental, it doesn’t need to be exaggerated that you’d want to best bang for the buck. Compare and contrast rates of different limousine services in Singapore and take your time in figuring which agency is offering the optimum returns on your investments.

4. Check out in advance whether the vehicle has all the facilities you’re expecting

What you see is not always what you get. Don’t just look at the images of the vehicles on the website and take a decision. Always insist on an on the spot inspection and ensure that the limo can meet your requirements. You don’t have to look at limousines only, check out other options like maxi cabs and mini buses.

5. Safety takes precedence

Make sure that the service provider is licensed to carry on with its business and is paying the premiums on the vehicles’ insurance. SGMaxi has recently been awarded BizSafe Level 3!

6. Request for a full quotation with all the unit costs itemized

Request the company for a quotation that clearly mentions all the expense heads. Make sure that there are no hidden costs.

Of course, the above is not an exhaustive listing as there can be many other aspects that you may have to consider before deciding for once and for all.

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