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6 Reasons Why Hiring a Maxi Cab or Minibus Is Better than Hailing a Normal Taxi


When you’re used to something, it’s not always so easy to deviate and try something different. Like ordering your favorite food from a restaurant instead of checking out what’s new on the menu and sometimes something as simple as hailing a cab instead of booking for a maxi cab.

But sometimes when we don’t go out and try we miss out on something really good. So if you haven’t tried booking a Maxi cab or even a Mini bus for the family or group trip. Here’s some of the things that could help change your mind.

1. Space

Pretty much a given, comparing a 7-seater Maxi cab or 9-13 Seater Minibus over a taxi cab. But what is that space useful for?

It means you can travel TOGETHER as a group and make the way to your destination part of your group adventure.

If you’re travelling with equipment for a photoshoot, project or any other activity you can travel together with your valuables without a worry. And when you book with SGMaxi you can always be sure that your equipment and valuables are always safe and secure

2. Timeliness and Time Options

A taxi cab will take you from Point A to Point B and that’s it. But if you book with SGMaxi you have the option to book our services to be your personal chauffeur for the time duration you have booked for.

This is especially important if you’re looking to tour through different locations, have multiple stops to your agenda and at the same time have a schedule to keep to.

SGMaxi is known for always ensuring our customers are always on time.

3. Safety & Security

Our Minicab drivers are trained in emergency and safety procedures apart from being properly trained to be professional in both their driving and attitude.

If you’re also travelling with anyone using a wheelchair, hiring a minicab is best for your companion’s comfort and ensured space for his/her wheelchair. SGMaxi’s vehicles are equipped with ramps that allows for easier loading and unloading too.

4. Cleanliness & Comfort

You can always be sure that ANY vehicle you book with SGMaxi is clean and maintained to the highest standards in both safety and comfort. You don’t have to take risks with booking an old run-down cab.

5. Professionalism and Ready Assistance

Ever had to ride with a cab who was just to chatty or shared his world’s woes with you? Well, that will never happen when you book with SGMaxi. Our drivers are always professional yet ready to provide you with assistance and information you need to make the most of you trip.

6. Convenience

You can conveniently book for a maxi cab with SGMaxi online or via phone. Apart from this, you can also avail tickets to various attractions with us.

More than just convenience in booking, if you’ve booked with SGMaxi you know that you have our driver readily available at your disposal for the time you have booked. This allows you some flexibility during your trip as well.

It’s time to start a new and wonderful experience in your travels, don’t miss out on it. Book with SMGMaxi and see the difference for yourself, you deserve it.