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7 Important Tips to Select the Best Limousine Service in Singapore


Limousine services in Singapore rent out a chauffeured luxury car for any occasion you can think of. You can hire a limousine for transfer from the International Airport to your hotel, for a business meet, or even for attending a wedding.

A Limousine service in Singapore can be hired for sightseeing, attending a special event like a wedding reception or birthday party, or even for a cross-border trip to Malaysia. You can choose from a select list of limousine brands including Mercedes, BMW, Rolls Royce, Toyota Alphard or Vellfire depending upon your preferences, needs, and of course your budget. Go through the following tips or guidelines before you hire the limousine of an agency.

1. Do background research

Business experience counts and that hold for the luxury vehicle fleet operators as well. Transporting a client from one point to another in a bustling city and that too in a vehicle like a Rolls Royce limousine, that hogs the road like a mammoth requires a really good driver or chauffeur. A reputed car hire agency will surely have extensive experience in providing impeccable service and it is implied that the service provider will employ only skilled chauffeurs. Always make it a point to crosscheck the background of a few luxury vehicle agencies.

2. Go through testimonials and feedback

However, don’t just stop at checking out the track record of the limo service provider. Make sure that you read the reviews of some of their past clientele. At the same time, see if you can get to talk directly to some of their customers for an impartial feedback.

3. Review their fleet

Your need for the type of limo invariably depends on the nature of the event or occasion. Our Mercedes Limousine Service in Singapore can be hired for accommodating your close buddies for your bachelor party or a Toyota Alphard rental for rushing your client from the airport for a business meeting.

4. Don’t forget to request for a test ride

What you see is not always what you get. Always insist on seeing the vehicle in person and if the outfit allows going for a test drive.

5. Talk to the chauffeur who’ll be at the helm

The limousine is as good as the chauffeur who’s driving it simply because the vehicle will not move by itself. Talk to the driver and find out how affable or amicable he is.

6. Does the agency have the appropriate licenses or permits?

This goes without saying, however never forget to check if the company has the requisite business license or permit and if they are valid. Check also if they have any safety certifications like Bizsafe.

7. The cost factor

Last but not the least, ask for a quotation for the service you’re thinking to opt for and figure out whether the figures are transparent or if there are hidden surcharges.

Luxury vehicle rental service providers in Singapore offer different makes and brands of limousines for various occasions. Stepping inside a sleek limousine and putting your feet up at the back of the luxury vehicle with a smartly liveried chauffeur at the wheels is perhaps the most luxurious mode of getting around.