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9 to 13 Seater Maxi Cab (Mini bus)

Are you looking forward to tour around and visit different places in Singapore? If your group consists of 13 or less then there is a bright and smart way for you to have everyone accommodated with maximum safety, comfort and style. With the many different kinds of transport services offered to everyone in SG, a 9 to 13 Seater Maxi Cab (Mini bus) proves to be an excellent choice for you. In fact, a lot of travelers, locals and visitors alike simply take the opportunity to hire this kind of passenger vehicle because of the abounding benefits and advantages it offers.

Offers Flexible Rear Seats

With this kind of minibus, you are simply given the opportunity to enjoy a great deal of flexibility that you can simply make use of for your specific kind of travel requirement. As a matter of fact, this kind of transport service has last row seats that can be easily folded to enhance the storage of your luggage. So if you will be touring with extra luggage then folding the last row seats gives extra room for your personal belongings.

The Maximum Capacity

A 9 to 13 Seater Maxi Cab (Minibus) simply has the capacity to accommodate a maximum of 13 passengers at a time. However, you have to take note that these thirteen passengers can be conveniently accommodated devoid of their luggage. On the other hand, 9 passengers can be conveniently accommodated especially when each of the passengers comes with his own luggage to carry to the group’s destination. Please be reminded with these limitations in order to enjoy the maximum comfort and convenience of this type of minibus that you can hire in SG anytime, anywhere.

Larger Door Access & Higher Roof Space

Another advantage that you will definitely enjoy when you take the time to hire a 9 to 13 Seater Maxi Cab is the minibus’ large and automatic sliding door that allows you to enjoy easy accessibility as well. Moreover, this kind of transport service also offers a higher roof space so you can move freely and comfortably inside. As a matter of fact, a couple of persons can leave or enter the cab together.

So if you are thinking about having the perfect kind of transport service for your journeys that require dropping offs and frequent boarding, it is highly advised that you should take the time to find and book a 9 to 13 Seater Maxi Cab (Minibus) today!