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Advantages and Drawbacks of Limo Rental Services

Sending a limousine to pick up special guests from their homes for an exclusive event like a bachelor party or wedding ceremony adds a dash of sophistication and elegance to the occasion. There can’t be any dispute about the fact that a Chrysler limo or a Cadillac limo offers the most luxurious mode of transportation. Stepping into a limousine, travelling in the luxury vehicle from point A to point B, and finally emerging out of the vehicle will inevitably draw a lot of attention from everybody around.

However, you may be aware that entrusting the responsibility of having your guest transported in style to a limo rental in Singapore can be remarkably expensive. Established limousine services in Singapore charge a premium for providing customized services. Limo rental firms that promise to offer a high quality of service at rates that are way below industry benchmarks usually tend to be unscrupulous in their dealings. Apprising yourself of the benefits and drawbacks of hiring a limo will give you a fair idea on why luxury transportation is pricey.

The Pros

1. No other form of travel could match the flamboyance of a limo transfer

Let alone striding up to step into a limo, even the sight of one being parked outside your house can be uplifting. Just imagine the stares that you’ll attract when the chauffeur from the Singapore limousine rental service pulls open the door of the Mercedes or Rolls-Royce limo for you to step inside. Once the vehicle starts moving and picks up speed, you’ll become so enthralled by the facilities and opulence inside that you may not even realize when you’ve arrived at your destination. The limo will cruise along so smoothly that you may not even feel that it’s moving.

2. You lap up the privilege of being driven by an erudite chauffeur

When you book a vehicle of limo services in Singapore, you can rest assure that the agency will depute an experienced chauffeur who’ll go out of the way to make your travel as comfortable as possible.

3. You always arrive in time

The chauffeur employed by a reputed limo rental in Singapore will be at your doorsteps a couple of minutes early. Alternatively, he’ll take a shortcut so that you reach the airport in time in the event of a traffic snarl-up.

4. Limo travel is not only comfy but totally safe as well

A limo is always air-conditioned and has cozy upholstered seats to make the ride comfortable and smooth. At the same time, the vehicle is insured.

The Cons

1. What you see may not be what you get

Always insist on seeing the vehicle in person to inspect the interiors and to ensure that what’s in front of your eyes is what you saw on the limousine services in Singapore website. What you see may not be always what you get.

2. Transparency is easily forsaken

Before selecting an outfit, read the terms & conditions of the contract. Know in advance the services for which you’ll be paying because transparency is one principle that many limousine services in Singapore don’t care a heck about.

3. You may also have to pay for the time you’re not using the limo

Make sure that the limo you’ve booked will be on standby for you and your guests for the entire duration you’ve hired it.

4. You might be fleeced if you hire at the eleventh hour

It pays to book a luxury vehicle 3-4 weeks in advance, as the same might not be available during the peak season for weddings, proms, or bachelor parties.