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Alphard Limousine Booking Singapore

Alphard Private LimoYou don’t have to party like a rockstar or be a hip-hop gangster or be a Hollywood celebrity walking on the red carpet just to be able to enjoy the thrill of being in a chauffeured Alphard Limousine. Sometimes after all the hard work you’ve exerted to feel the comforts this life can offer, you’d want to reward yourself and feel that you can travel in luxury and style. At the same time, enjoy the trip and also your privacy. But does it have to be a money draining experience as well? Do you have to splurge and waste like there’s no more tomorrow? Not necessarily, because you can definitely still enjoy this opportunity and still remain on a reasonable budget.  You get to experience being on a top notch ride and feel that you hit the jackpot because of a bargain price offer. A great deal indeed.

So what packages can you choose from is the next question in mind right? Any of these three will be perfect for a traveler looking for a chauffeured ride while being able to save too. Well, let us go through them so you can make the best decision that fits what you need and what you can work with at the same time.

Arrivals – If you need a ride from the airport or from the other terminals, you will be picked up by the driver so that you can be brought to your hotel or place of residence.  To make sure that all is still within budget, it is always best to clarify inclusions and exclusions in the package if in case additional requests are made for the service being provided. So it is best to reach out first to the sgmaxi company’s customer service hotline and inquire about the information that you will need.

Departures and 1 way Transfers– Getting lost in the city is not something that you’ll ever have to worry about. You don’t even need to hail cabs.  You will not be stressed driving around in unfamiliar roads then suddenly getting stuck on a traffic jam.  If ever your travel involves being out of Singapore then just make sure you notify the company in advance about any other additional stops so that other applicable fees can be discussed to you which may not be included on the original package you’ve chosen.

Hourly Rates – This service is not just limited to tourists but also available for locals to enjoy and take advantage of.  You can actually go to any place in Singapore and even on a short Malaysian getaway with your friends or family with a minimum of 3 hours. The company staff are friendly and always willing to attend to your concerns so you can feel free to reach out to them any time.

Once you are able to determine what best suits your needs, then you can contact the company to arrange your limousine service. Awesome deals are always available, you just need to grab the best one that works for you.