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Alphard Private LimoAlphard Private Limo – Enjoying Luxury on Board

An Alphard private limo is the ideal ride for transport service in Singapore. The typical private limousine cab has a seating capacity of up to 6 passengers without luggage. However, if the passengers have up to 2 luggage to bring on board, the interior is only enough to cater for two people. As the name implies, limo cabs are rides of luxurious features and high end designs. More and more Singapore tourists see the perks of chartering a private limo cab for their transportation from the airport to anywhere in the metro.

Perks of Alphard Private Limo

On top of the obvious luxury, private limousine cabs are also filled with other features that make them highly recommended for tourists and locals alike. Special events that require a special breed of vehicle also call for Alphard private limo services. Here are some of the top reasons why you must highly consider a private limousine for your SG transport:


Top notch limo cabs are designed with robust body structures and intelligent engineered technology for absorption of collision energy. Thus, it is the ideal ride if your safety is your top priority. The body construction of the limo cab showcases the high tensile steel that guarantees solid structural integrity. It also features the hood-bucking creases, body side reinforcement, and crumple zones to protect passengers from impact wherever it may come from.


An Alphard private limo service is professional and always on time. A licensed chauffeur is designated to drive the limousine and take you to your destination in Singapore. Reputable operators train their drivers not just to improve their driving skills but also to become customer-oriented, honest, and courteous professionals.


The powerful superior engine of an Alphard private limo makes sure your ride is clean, efficient, and hassle-free. Private limousine cabs undergo regular inspection and a stringent maintenance program to stay on top of the game. You can also choose the limo cab of your choice upon booking so that you get the brand or model you prefer.


Private limos are designed with sophisticated and classy features through and through. Thus, if you want a stylish ride without breaking the bank, there is always a perfect Alphard private limo for your travel needs. There are different models and brands of limo cabs such as Toyota Alphard, Mercedes, and Chrysler, among many others.


Nowadays, Alphard private limo services are no longer exclusive for the rich and affluent. You can find a wide range of limo cab packages with reasonable rates that suit your budget. Contact the limo cab operator to know more about their limousine rates and if there are tour packages that are customized to fit your financial allocation for transport service.

The Alphard private limo is just one of the long lines of luxury services for your Singapore tour. Private limousine cabs are high end vehicles that will make your SG tour more special and classy to begin with. The best thing about this luxury ride is that you can afford the rates.