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Bib Gourmand In A Day – Part 1


All Singapore foodies are excited to find that 34 establishments from Singapore were awarded the Bib Gourmand by Michelin Guide. The list of awardees includes 17 hawker stalls, 14 restaurants and 3 eateries. All offering amazing food for $45 or less.

What’s great about Singapore’s Bib Gourmand awardees list is that there is such a wide variety of food from Indian, Malaysian, to Chinese, Turkish and Thai cuisines.

SGMaxi can drive you and your buddies as you go through your Bib Gourmand Food Trip Itinerary. You can all fit comfortably in our 7-seater maxi cab or even opt for our 9-seater or 13-seater mini bus if you’re travelling with a bigger group.

Still trying to figure out where to start? We’ve got you covered. Here’s a trip you can make with us:

8:00 AM – Warming up Your Tummy


How ‘bout starting with something Hot for your Tummy? To wake you up, and get your senses ready for what’s coming for the day. Your taste buds will be happy to be greeted with Laksa. Fill your stomach with hot tasty Laksa from Claypot Laksa. They have Claypot Laksa for only $4.50 and it’s the best Laksa you could ever taste. They also have other claypot dishes like: noodles, rice, bak kut the and tofu.

Claypot Laksa is located at Alexandra Village Food Centre

9:00 AM – A Snack to Pick Up the Pace


Now that your awake from that spicy hot Laksa noodle soup, how bout biting into some tasty rice dumplings? Hoo Kee Rice Dumplings serves delightful Bak Zang for only $3.60. These steamed rice dumplings wrapped in bamboo leaf are filled with mushrooms, a salted duck egg yolk, and chestnuts. Such savory fillings to wake up your taste buds, a good spot to catch early too since they get sold out early.

Hoo Kee Rice Dumplings can be found inside Amoy Street Food Centre. You can also contact them in advance to place your order for pick-up.

10:00 AM – The Chart Topper

You’re already in Amoy Street Food Centre, and you will want to get to try the noodles from A Noodle Story before the queue starts to get too long for lunch. reported how the Bib Gourmand award caused this newcomer in the hawker scene to have the longest queue in Amoy Food Centre.

They serve the best Singapore Style Ramen, that a lot people have commended, for only $5.50 to $7.50. Their Wanton Noodles features al-dente garlic-coated wanton noodles, thick sweet fresh prawns wrapped in potato, ginger-onion infused oil, with toppings of Hot Spring Egg and the most tender slices of chashu cooked sous vide for 36 hours, and served with a bowl of delicious Pork Rib Soup.

12 NN – Lunch Time

It’s lunch time, and you don’t have to queue for your next stop if you called in earlier to make reservations. The famous Anthony Bourdain enjoyed a hearty serving of kampong- style Malay fare in this next stop, Hajah Maimunah Restaurant at Jalan Pisang.

Enjoy a savory Nasi Padang lunch, enjoy very tender beef served with sour-hot gravy from stingray (assam pedas) and some grilled sting ray with chilli black soy sauce or kicap. Other customers also recommend their mouth-watering Tauhu Goreng, a dish of crispy golden fried bouncy tofu served with their delicious rojak sauce, and their crispy Tahu Telor which keeps their customers coming back.

2:00 PM Almost Addictive Snacks


Next stop, is Balestier Road Hoover Rojak in Whampoa Market for some tasty Rojak for only $5. Their special blend of prawn paste rojak can be quite addictive, this dish is topped off with some crushed peanuts for a nice crunchy bite and served with pineapples, cucumbers, turnip, you tiao or deep-fried dough fritter, taupok or deep-fried puffy beancurd, ginger flower buds, jellyfish, and raw mangoes. A lot of customers also recommend that you get the century eggs with it, because they’re perfect with century eggs.

While you’re in Whampao Market, you can also get a taste of Techeow traditional braised duck meat from Liang Zhao Ji. You’ll want to make room for more food coming your way, so you can snack on the duck meat skipping the starch (yam or rice). It might not be the tender duck meat you’re looking for but this tasty duck meat dipped in tasty gravy and chilli will give you a good delightful kick.

It Does Not End Here!

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