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What are the Benefits of a Minibus Rental Service in Singapore?

By on Dec 28, 2016 in Limousine, Maxi Cab, Minibus |

Singapore is one of the most visited nations on earth attracting countless holidaymakers, family vacationers, and business visitors throughout the year. Needless to say, such travelers, especially those touring in large groups are completely in the dark with respect to the kind of transportation that will be most convenient for. In this context, opting for a minibus rental service would be a practical and prudent decision for a good number or reasons.

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Do’s and Don’ts for a limousine chauffeur

By on Dec 26, 2016 in Limousine |

SGMAXI is offering different limo models at rent so as to help people to acquire a comfortable and lavish riding experience at a fair price. Apart from pleasure trips, these cars have become an ideal travel companion of people during various professional and business meetings.

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