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Chinese Wedding? Don’t Make Your Brothers Drive!


There are many varied wedding traditions across different cultures. And though each culture is different, what every bride and groom celebrate is all the same, love. And they also have another thing in common, they want it to be as close to perfect as possible, if not completely perfect if they could make it.

Chinese weddings have their own set of traditions, and these traditions, like others, have stemmed from a long history. Some of the traditions included in Chinese weddings include:

  1. Betrothal gifts carried in a straw basket including peanut candies or rice candies
  2. A specific set-up for the matrimonial bed
  3. A ritual for combing the bride’s hair
  4. A tea ceremony
  5. The customary gatecrashing where the groom seeks help from his groomsmen for some
  6. And the big celebration at the wedding banquet in a fancy hotel restaurant

You can imagine all that requires a lot of good planning. And if you want things to be close to perfect, you’ll want to manage through all that with some help. The more focused you get your entourage on the main event, the less you have to worry.

Worried About Late Entourage and Scattered Photographers

What marrying couples often have trouble with, is getting their entourage all together and readily present at the ceremony on-time.

One great solution is to make sure they’re all grouped together and transported together with a reliable transport. This way, they all get there together, complete and on time. And this is where SGMaxi comes in to help.

Our maxi cab can carry your entourage up to 7 passengers with room to spare for luggage and other barang-barang. Got more people? Our 9 or 13 seater mini bus will do the job. You can forget any worries about any of them being late or lost as we always make sure we are on-time. On top of this, our vehicles have enough space for all luggage and carry anything they need for your ceremony.

And as they all help out for the preparations, SGMaxi provides reliable and affordable transportation packages for the group to take them to any location they need to get to without getting lost or having to carry baggage.

Fetching the Bride

It tends to be a popular scene in movies when the bride or groom is late. In a Chinese wedding’s gatecrashing tradition the groom usually gets his groomsmen up to the task of being a chauffeur for the bride and groom and other relatives.

This isn’t a strict part of tradition but can be quite a hassle. Plus it makes room for many other things to go wrong. So why not let SGMaxi professionals take over this task for you.

We can provide a fleet to fetch relatives and take them wherever they need to be. Then for a more special touch, you can book our Limousine services for a lovely luxurious entrance for the bride and groom.

You’ll find that the ride to get to your ceremony can be a quick comforting break for you from the stresses of your wedding preparations. Additionally, leaving the groom’s men out of this task, allows them to focus on the more important tasks for the wedding ceremony and celebrations.

SGMaxi’s staff is always reliable and professional. We can be your ride to this very special occasion in your life so can have more time to enjoy it.