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Crazy News: Fights between Cab Drivers over Customers

Crazy News: Fights between Cab Drivers over Customers


Here’s something that as travelers or commuters, you don’t want to be a part of. This article from The Sun where taxi drivers from Tenerife came to a fistfight which escalated to a wrestling match over the rights to a customer is a verified nightmare of an experience for all who were involved. Imagine if you were a tourist or even just simply travelling locally, and circumstances had gotten you dragged into one of these fiascos, where two cabbies end up having a fistfight to decide which of them gets to give the client a ride.

Even if we think of it only in terms of a delay for the customer, and not including all the other emotions and hassle that comes along with an occurrence like that, it is already not acceptable for the riding public. We have to be able to get from point A to point B without worrying about these kinds of things.

The Customer is King

This often abused phrase is an eyesore of a slogan, and only becomes fairly reasonable when experienced. It’s a floating idea, with slightly different interpretations for different people.

Relating such things to transport services, a safe guess would be that requirements still will be different from one person to the next. However, there may be closer agreements on the other side of the fence, which are the things you are sure you don’t like. You don’t like not getting to your destinations on time, you don’t appreciate having others not respecting your time and safety, you don’t consider it money well spent if you have to in discomfort while on a short journey (well even with a long journey), you don’t look forward to experiencing harassment since you have paid or will pay for the travel service person/company to get you to your destination.

Here is where we come in, and provide an answer to a need (it is a need; peace and quiet for a paid service is not trivial). Pre-booking with SGMaxi frees you from all these worries. We are happy to worry about those things for you.

Modern Living, Modern Comfort

One of the premiums of city living is the lightning pace of life for those who want to that lifestyle. Along with that lifestyle is a need for consistency and regularity for auxiliary services that assist in making things possible. The small things should not be worried about. And truthfully these small things most often have a big impact on a city person’s daily life.

With all the options for transport available, nothing is quite like SGMaxi. We have a proven track record for efficiency and safety. Our prices are reasonable. We are like a fine clock, reliable and dependable, and worth each penny spent.
Our fleet of Maxi Cabs, Mini buses and limousine service is the best there is. Allow us to un-complicate your daily life in terms of transportation around Singapore. A free market climate enables choices which are very good and pushes all to be better.

But there is really one choice, which is SGMaxi. And that is excellent.