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Decorate Your Dream Home with Amazing Finds from these Stores

First of all, congratulations in finding your way to this article! You’re building your dream home! And you’ve come to the right place for some help.

It’s an important milestone, and we can imagine just how perfect you’d like it to be. We’ve found this list of wonderful stores where you can purchase unique and beautiful furniture for your home that will make it uniquely yours and unlike any other.

These shops offer a good variety in style and range, you’re bound to find the right one for your special place.

1. Fred Lives Here

A name like that immediately gives away a very specific taste to furniture design. It already tells you it’s unique! This store owned by Angie (not Fred) was built with a creative imagination and presented in the persona of “Fred” whose taste in furniture and design is reflected in the store’s collection of modern-classic products that are each none like any and functional works of art to decorate your space.

2. Commune

If you’re not one for screaming colours and tones and are looking for something more earthly, modern and calm check out the selections from this SG Home-grown store. Their collection features dual-tone furniture for the living room and dining room that is 1950’s inspired in theme, yet modern to the eye and presented in dark walnut colours and a lot of muted grey.

3. Galanga Living

This store holds a collection you won’t find in any other mall. These aren’t the mass-produced kind, so you know you’re taking home finds that are one-of-a-kind when you get them here. The furniture designs of their selections is based on Scandinavian and Asian inspirations.

4. Xtra

Hunting for designer stuff? Then Xtra is a must-see. This 2000 square meter showroom gives you access to a furniture collection from the most creative design minds in the world. This humongous furniture company has 3 levels of parking and holds Herman Miller’s first in-store concept. Here you find big brands like Tom Dixon, Dedon and Kusch + Co.

5. Journey East

This store is like spice to your home…It holds a collection of bright upgraded refurbished furniture plus a collection of vintage and designer items. You’ll find pieces that you need to highlight colours for your walls, artwork that can be laid on your floor and lively light boxes with fun catchy phrases.

Choosing the store is the first part, getting there is next. So if you’re up to score amazing furniture for your dream home book a maxi cab or mini bus with SGMaxi. Why? You’re bound to find something you’re going to want to take home, and we’ve got enough space for all your shopped goods driven by our well-trained drivers who can make sure your cargo is secure.

If you’re planning on store-hopping, booking with SGMaxi means you’ll have our professional drivers and quality vehicles ready at your disposal for the duration of your hunting, allowing you to focus your energy on your design plan and fully enjoy your shopping experience.