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Do Not Be Late For Your Business Meeting!


Getting all ready for that business meeting that’ll take your business to a new level? Well, in the midst of the paper work, the presentation and preparing your itinerary, you should also never forget that you should never be late.

A lot of people seem to think that a 15-minute grace period is “okay” during these times and is understandable, but they are all very wrong to think so. Your ability to keep to your schedule affects more than your own time when it comes to any type of meeting, more so a business meeting. And if that business meeting is important to you you’ll also want to create the right impression.

SGMaxi is a company that knows the value of time. It is why we make sure that promptness and punctuality is a standard in our service. That is why we have had many good customer video testimonials.

Why You Shouldn’t Be Late

Being late has become a bad habit for a lot of people these days, so when you are able to set yourself apart from this growing crowd of late-comers it will say a lot about your character and work ethic compared to others your business contact may be meeting or doing business with.

What does it really say or do when a person is late for a meeting:

  • You lack manners. It’s impolite because it’s non-verbal way of telling the other that their time is not valued, or that your own time is more valuable than theirs.
  • It gets you into a cramming state. Instead of having the room to breathe, prepare and visualize, you’re now scrambling and coming into your meeting unprepared.
  • You set a precedent. If employees expect you to be late or think that being late is okay with you, then you can bet they are all late for their own tasks as well. And in a business, every minute is money spent or money lost.
  • A change in circumstances. 5 minutes may not seem like a big deal, but at times that 5-minutes over your departure could mean the difference in traffic, avoiding an accident or time to make up for any suddenly identified errors.

Cliché as it may sound, Time is Gold. Any minute spent, lost or wasted, is a minute you can’t get back. Every minute counts and we should make each one worth it.

So How Do You Avoid Being Late?

With today’s technology, there are many solutions available that can help you keep on schedule. There are apps for scheduling and organizing tasks using your mobile devices (from watches to mobile phones and laptops), There is also GPS to help you find the fastest route and avoid getting lost, then there’s WIFI that helps you complete tasks on-the-go.

But apart from all the tools, the most important thing that will keep you from getting late, is a commitment. If you commit to being on time, you’ll find the tools you need and you can make it happen.

And as you commit to being on time, SGMaxi is the ride that you can be sure shares the same commitment. As you look through our customer feedback, you’ll find that our punctuality is a consistently praised quality.

SGMaxi Keeps You On Time

We offer different transportation solutions. If you’re travelling in a group you can book our 7-seater Maxi Cab, and for bigger groups our 9 or 13-seater Mini Bus.

Even better, is if you’re looking to make a good impression or picking up a client for your business meeting, you can book our limousine service. We have the best limousine drivers in Singapore that also includes airport transfers.

If you’re looking to hire for a company event, SGMaxi also offers bus charter services. And we’ll make sure your crew won’t be late for your company event.

So commit to being on time for your business meeting, and SGMaxi will help you live up to that commitment as you travel with us.