Arrive early. Drive carefully. Reach safely.

Do’s and Don’ts for a limousine chauffeur

Every package of limo service in Singapore comes with a chauffeur. Travel agencies pay special attention while hiring any individual as a chauffeur. It thoroughly tests the driving and other related skills of a person who is applying for the position of chauffeur. For a registered limo chauffeur of any travel company of Singapore the following regulations and instructions that fall within the categories of Dos:

Receiving and dropping clients on time:

As a dedicated chauffeur, the first and foremost task is to receive the clients of a company on the appointed time from spots like airport terminals, busy streets and anywhere as instructed by the company. It will be his sole responsibility also to drop them near hotels, villas, rail stations and other locations as instructed by your employer. A chauffeur must make sure that clients have no reason to complain and for that one must be punctual enough to respond to their requests at once.

Opening and closing of car doors:

Once the chauffeur has verified the online booking documents and other identity marks of the clients of the company, he ought to immediately invite them inside the air-conditioned spacious cabin of the limo car in a grand manner. Once they have entered, a chauffeur must shut the door behind in a nice way so that it does not create any wrong impression on their minds regarding his behaviour. He must remain careful while opening or closing the door because it involves the reputation of the company as well while receiving clients.

Maintaining silence and secrecy:

Once the chauffeur has received the clients inside the limo, he must remain focused on driving the car silently without making any noise. At the same time, he must ignore or maintain the secrecy of the conversations of the clients that take place inside the car. It is a chauffeur’s responsibility not to spill the secret conversations of the clients before public domain for that may tarnish the image of the company.
At the same a chauffeur is prohibited to be involved in doing certain things as a chauffeur that is mentioned under the tagline of Don’ts:

Never try to speak with clients unless permitted:

Avoid speaking to clients in advance for that may create the wrong impression among them. It is better to speak only when they want to know or ask something.

Refrain from using limousine for personal use:

A good chauffeur must remember that the car actually belongs to the company for whom he is serving the clients as a chauffeur. So he has no right to use it for his personal purposes.

Never let anyone inside the car without the permission of clients:

It is natural to come across close friends and other acquaintances while driving the limo in the middle of the busy roads and streets of Singapore. In such situations, before admitting them inside the cabin just seek the approval of clients otherwise he may have to face trouble from the company.