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Drink Merry In Singapore Safely With SGMaxi


When it comes nightlife, Singapore definitely delivers. There’s a thriving nightlife in Singapore that will definitely satisfy those raving needs.

You also need not limit the night to just a stop or two. From the beach to the roof decks, from jazz music, reggae, to techno and even 90’s hits, with only the best most delicious food to feast on as you drink merry in Singapore. You have a lot of options and a great nightlife experience awaiting in Singapore. Hop into our limousine in Singapore for a safe and wonderful night of discovery and boundless fun!

Booze-filled Events

Singapore’s nightlife is filled with creativity and energy, the only thing that’ll limit the fun you could have is having to drive in between your stops or even just to get home. Often times the designated driver has to limit the fun, or everyone else feels too guilty and limits the fun for everyone.

And that could be such a shame especially when you’re out to catch those booze-filled events like the $5 Shots Party at the San Juanico Pub, or maybe something more subtle like wine tasting in Camellia Chinese Bistro or Fine Wines SG, or getting hot in Tequila 88 Chimichanga at Chimichangga, Dunlop St., or even partying at the Eureka! Beer Celebration at Red Baron. So you know what to do, call us for our no-fuss 7-seater maxi cab service NO ONE is left out of the fun!

Free-Flowing Booze

Then there are also those places that offers free-flowing alcohol all night! Like The Mad Poet offering free-flowing wine paired with imported French and English cheese, the Liquid Buffet from T-Bar, getting your free-flowing Gin, Vodka, Tequila, Beer and Sake during happy hour at Tomo Izayaka, and enjoying tasty mussels and seafood paired to go with their Liquid Buffet at The Fickle Mussel.

There are many more to mention. So why limit your drinking experience when you can get SGMaxi to take you and your buddies wherever you want to get as high as kite and take you all home safely after maxing out on the fun? You have more than 7 buddies to take along? We also have our 9 to 13 seater mini bus so your can have your enitre entourage with you the enitre night with everyone getting properly “hydrated”.

No Limits, No Risks

Drinking and driving is definitely no joke. People have lost their lives to drunk drivers if not their limbs. Like they say, “it’s all fun and games until somebody gets hurt (or dies)”. Not everyone will take it seriously, especially when they’ve had days that they’ve gotten off fine without harm, but the reality of it is consequences can be very heavy, and irreversible.

Drinking and driving could mean having your license suspended, losing your job, losing your professional license, losing financial aid and at the worst losing your life or taking someone else’s if not causing severe injuries that could be untreatable and irreversible.

But you don’t need to take the risk, and you don’t need to limit the fun. SGMaxi’s maxi cabs has enough space for you and the gang, offers the best in comfort and safety and knows where all the hot spots are.

You can even party in style with our limo cabs to make that night out extra special, and it doesn’t have to hurt your wallet.
So why set limits, why take the risks? When you can get SGMaxi to drive for you and your buddies as you drink merry in the best spots in Singapore and party to your heart’s content.