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Enjoy The Comforts of Our Transport Services


What do you look for when you’re looking for a ride? Comfort? Safety? Convenience? Reliability? Well look no further, and just check out what SGMaxi has to offer you.

We understand very well what each passenger needs. From the daily traveler, tourist, businessman, celebrant, diva, and even artists. We make it not just our business to provide transportation services but to understand what you need for your travel and provide it.

Comfort and Space

We have a variety of vehicle choices in our fleet. Our maxi cab, in particular, is a spacious and comfortable Toyota Hi-Ace Commuter, a model we have chosen for its comfort, space and high roof.

We also keep our vehicles clean and maintained to the highest quality standards in safety and comfort. Booking a maxi cab to shop with friends or just out celebrating with them? Or maybe you’re out to buy a load of supplies and groceries? Or transporting some bulky equipment for a shoot or a project?

Our maxi cab can take you and your luggage while you rest comfortably in the passenger seat. We have 7-seater maxi cabs, as well as the option to go for a 9 or 13 seater minibus. So you and your friends and family can comfortable travel together enjoying the ride to your destinations. If you like to travel in style or have transport needs for your wedding day, consider our limousine service in Singapore – options include rolls royce limousine, Toyota Alphard rental and Mercedes limousine rental.

If you plan for a company trip for more than 20 people go for our bus charter services with the capacity for 20-40 people!.


Our maxi cab supports PWD’s convenient travel. We have equipped our maxi cab with ramps to allow for easier boarding and keeping of a wheelchair, without getting in the way of your comfort and space inside the vehicle.

We’ve also made our services easily accessible to you through our online booking page. It is always easy to book with SGMaxi, contact your designated driver and contact our support team.

It’s one of the things we commit to and one of the many things our customers have commended us for. We want to make it as easy for you as we can, no hassle, no worries.

Friendliness and Professionalism

Our drivers are trained to be supportive of your needs. They’re not just going to sit on the driver seat, excessively chat about personal concerns, and they will never ever be rude to you.

We train our drivers and staff to always be helpful and polite. They will always be ready to assist you with your luggage, and help you find great spots to check out in Singapore. They are trained not just to drive safely and comfortable, but they also understand what’s hot in Singapore, what the interesting places are and famous landmarks to spot during your journey.


We understand that time is a very valuable and expensive resource (both personal and professional time). So if there’s one other thing our customers always commend us for, it’s our punctuality.

Our drivers will always pick you up on time and be ready to answer your call. They are also knowledgeable of the best routes and equipped with the right tools and support to drive you through the best routes so you arrive on time at your destination.

Proper Handling

Apart from assisting you with loading and unloading your luggage, we also make sure that they are stored securely and stored carefully during your travel.

Our customers have enjoyed shopping during the Great Singapore Sale, keeping their shopped goods with our drivers in our vehicle as they continue their shopping spree from one point to the next.

Travelling with expensive and fragile equipment? You can trust that SGMaxi will take care of your baggage as we drive you from one point to the next.

Don’t take a chance on your travel, choose the best. And you’ll find that the best service doesn’t have to be heavy on your wallet when you book with SGMaxi. So book with us and enjoy the comforts of our maxi cabs.