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Find Peace in Singapore with SGMAXI


Singapore is known for its shopping malls, great food, buzzing nightlife, great number of exciting festivals as well as a thriving business hub. It’s always busy and buzzing, and gets your senses up and awake. There is always something to do, many things to see, many adventures to take on.

Stress in the City?

In between the hustle and bustle though not everyone is always ecstatic. For one, drivers tend to get stressed in this busy environment. So much that according to AIG Singapore’s study published January early this year, drivers experience a lot of frustration on the roads due to a worsening problem with an increase in reckless drivers behind the wheels.

The business hubs are not immune to the stress either, especially considering how Singapore workers are known for having to work long hours, if you recall, in 2015 Singapore ranked 1st when it came longest work hours in the world.

An Escape with SGMaxi

Work is work, a short time to take a breather will always be the recharge you need to last longer and perform better at what you do. So take a backseat and let SGMAXI take over the wheels and bring you to places in Singapore in our spacious maxi cab that can fit all your picnic mats, food drinks or whatever you need with you to where you can find peace. We recently did an article about places to explore nature in Singapore and right now let us  show you some great places to find peace and escape the crowds and busy days for a while:

St. John’s Island


A little distance does tend to bring you a new view of things, fresh perspective and clear mind. So hop on a cruise, enjoy the ride and get to St.John’s Island.

This escape offers different activities for you and the family. But a place away from busy crowds. Enjoy the tranquility and quiet as you go fishing, swimming in the lagoons, beaches and picnic grounds. There are also trekking routes you can take on and a soccer field to have a little game with the family.

Killiney Road

A change in the dining scene, where you find quiet cafés and restaurants where you can enjoy coffee on your own or have a good conversation with family and friends. They say that this is the next paradise for foodies.

Quaint homey shophouses, trees and greenery, and the wonderful small restaurants with Offerings of authentic and delicious cuisines line up along Killiney Road. If you have a group larger than 7 then go for our 9-13 seater mini buses and get everyone to have a great meal after work!

Punggol Waterway Park


Not your typical water park, this project by National Parks and HDB is an escape away from busy traffic, with rich offering of nature’s beauty as it surrounds itself with lush greenery. It has a great sunrise view spot called Sunrise Point, making it the perfect spot to start your morning exercise.

Greet the sunrise, breathe in fresh air and enjoy a peaceful job or bike along the promenade as you admire the view of the water way. If hunger strikes at the end of your work-out, there are restaurants offering delicious food at the ends of the water way.

In the evening, this place is perfect for romance. Make a date out of this by hiring our limousine services to bring you and your loved one there and back after a delicious dinner date.

MacRitchie Reservoir


If you’re up for good hike, a peaceful run or just some fresh air, MacRitchie Reservoir is a good place to go and escape the cosmopolitan atmosphere from the city. They have a well-organized hiking and trekking trails and even gives you the chance to see some wild monkeys! You can organize a company walk here or even a group meditation session and let us handle the transport with our bus charter services.

Don’t ask about being ready to take the break, just take it! And let SGMaxi drive you to your escape to some peace and tranquility.