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Finding the Best Limo Car Rentals for Prom Nights in Singapore

Booking a limo for a prom night for transporting the invitees from their homes to the venue is undoubtedly a very special way of making the event extra special and memorable. Limousines have an aura of their own that lend a touch of gracefulness and classiness to any event or occasion, including of course a prom party. People are more likely to remember their first ride in a Mercedes or Rolls Royce limo for the entire duration of their lives owing to the exclusivity and uniqueness of the experience.

However, the task of selecting a quality limo rental in Singapore can be quite harrowing to say the least. This is so because there are quite a number of Singapore limousine rental services each one claiming to be more established than the rest. The following tips or suggestions should help you make the most of limousine services in Singapore for the prom night.

Planning well in advance

You’d be making a blunder if you assume that you may easily book a limousine at the last minute as very few people opt for limo rental in Singapore because of the steep costs. Stiff competition prevailing in the luxury transportation segment has led to a downward revision of rates which implies that nowadays you end up paying much less for a limo hire compared to what you’d paid, say a decade ago. So, it’d be better for you to make a booking well in advance in order to avoid gasps at the eleventh hour.

Begin your homework nothing less than 2-3 weeks prior to the occasion by asking for quotations from 4-5 limousine services in Singapore. However, before a service provider can provide you quotes, it’ll ask for specific particulars like the total number of passengers, the distance to be covered, and the duration for which you’ll be renting the limo. So, you will have to keep the above details on your fingertips before proceeding to request for a quotation.

Make sure if the service provider can cater to your specific needs

The service or rather the quality of service offered for a specific event, like the prom night may vary from one Singapore limousine company to another due to the exclusive nature of luxury private transportation business. Make sure that the agency has the vehicle you have in mind fitted with the features that you would expect in a standard limousine. Always opt for a vehicle that has sufficient space for all your invited guests with room to spare for a couple more.

Always insist on checking out the vehicle in person

What you see is not always what you get, this is one point you must believe in when booking a limo as lot of money is at stake. Rather than taking a chance, ensure to have complete peace of mind by insisting on checking out the vehicle you have selected in person. If possible, ask if you would be allowed to take a test ride.

Safety comes first

Doubly check if the transportation agency proffering Mercedes limousine service in Singapore has the appropriate work permits and vehicle license for carrying out business. Also find out whether the vehicles are insured and the chauffeurs have the requisite experience to pilot the limos.


Perhaps the most tried and tested way of finding out the best limo rental in Singapore is to look for one on the net. Don’t forget to read through the reviews and make sure that you rate the service provider based on the above checklist.