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Get Transportation For Your Wedding Guests


Getting all set-up for your big day? You’re probably all set and making sure everything’s perfect, from your theme, menu, every detail of your wedding gown and even that limousine service to drive you. But what about your guests? It’ll be a shame to have a big wedding without your special audience to share in this special day.

It’s especially important if you’re having a different location for your ceremony and reception, and more if you’re planning for a destination wedding, like in a beautiful location like W Hotel in Sentosa.

There are many benefits to getting transportation for your guests, they will surely appreciate it and it can get some possible headaches out of the way.

SGMaxi provides reliable transportation services for both you and your guests, here are some reasons why you should consider booking:

Safety and convenience for elderly visitors

SGMaxi’s maxi cabs and mini buses have enough room for those travelling with a wheel chair, whilst allowing comfortable seating for passengers. It’s a comfort your grandparents, or grand aunts and uncles will be thankful for.

Makes your guests feel more involved and part of the celebration

This little bit of special treatment will make them feel more like they belong to your entourage. That they are truly special guests for your special events. You can also give our driver your wedding song playlist so that you can get your crowd into the mood.

Makes sure all your guests get to the venue on time

You’ll want to maximize what you’ve spent for the hours you’ve booked on the venue. Getting everyone there on time helps avoid any delays and any headaches through the program. It also allows you and your guests to enjoy the full celebration.

This is even more important for your bridal entourage. This way, no one gets lost or missing on the way to the ceremony or reception.

A better turn-up

Some wedding locations are just beautiful but invited guests who are challenged with transportation tend to decline. Solving this problem for them gives you a better turn-up of guests.

Safety after the party

Getting transportation for your guests also ensures nobody gets into an accident or gets lost if they’ve ever had too much to drink.

Transportation Options for You and You Guests

SGMaxi is ready to provide you the transportation you and your guests need. We have limousine services available for you and your beloved, and you can choose between our prestigious Rolls-Royce Ghost Limo Service or our luxurious Toyota Alphard Vellfire Limo Cab.

You can opt to book our maxi cab service for your entourage and depending on the number of guests you will be covering we offer the following transportation services:

  • 9 and 13 seater mini bus
  • 20, 30, 40 seater bus charter

SGMaxi provides only the best in transportation service. Our vehicles are well kept in the highest quality standards. Our staff has always been commended by our customers for excellent and professional service, and we always make sure you get your destination/s on time.

Enjoy your big day and get the transportation headache out of your way with SGMaxi as your ride.