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Handy Tips for Booking a Bus Charter Service

Individuals calling up with the intention of booking a chartered bus, have many questions on their mind. For instance, do you’ve a bus charter that will be able to accommodate my group comfortably? What are the facilities available that I or my guests will be able to take advantage of? Will I have to hire the vehicle on hourly or flat-rate basis? Do you have customized packages that caters to the typical or distinctive traveling needs of a group of people? Are your vehicles insured?

Based on its long-standing experience of dealing with countless customers including but not limited to tourists, international delegates, ambassadors, embassy staff, VIPs, and locals, SGMAXI offers some handy tips with respect to hiring a chartered bus in Singapore.

1. Carry out a background research on the company:

It doesn’t need to be overemphasized and it goes without saying that before you make a final decision on selecting the bus charter service to ferry your guests, you should conduct a background check of the shortlisted agencies. First, make a shortlist of at least 5-6 bus/automobile hire companies. Thereafter, go through their websites and gather as much information as you can about the agencies, the number of years they’ve been in business; their fleet; their chauffeurs; the events or occasions for which they offer their vehicles, and so on. Read reviews and feedbacks posted by their customers, and if possible, contact a few of them (either by phone or mail) for their candid opinions.

2. Size Matters:

The size of your group will determine the type of chartered bus you will need to hire. If there are a total of 6-12 members that need to be transported, then a maxi cab may suffice. However, if the group size exceeds 15 members, then you might have to consider hiring a mini bus.

3. Safety Record:

Always make it a point to meticulously check out the track record of the company from the perspective of safety. In other words, find out whether the service provider has a blemish-free record of transporting the clients safely and comfortably all throughout.

4. Operating License:

This again is something that doesn’t need to be specified but many customers simply forget about crosschecking whether the agency has the appropriate certifications or licenses for the business, vehicles, and the drivers.

5. Cleanliness &Tidiness:

When the onus of overseeing the safe and comfortable transport of the passengers is on you, you would obviously make sure that the vehicle is spotless. At the same time, you should check out in advance if the bathroom is clean and there are enough bins inside the bus for the passengers to dispose of trash.

6. Special Facilities:

Though all bus charters including the mini-buses and maxi-cabs are equipped with standardized facilities, make sure if the service operator will be able to provide you with any special amenity that your group might need specifically.

7. Rates:

To say the last but not the least, ensure that the rate offered by the agency is at par with competitors or other service providers. Also, make sure that you’ll be billed with proper accounting heads and there’ll be no hidden costs.

We are proud to state that we make sure that our services meets all the above requirements and we score high in each of the above parameters.