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Heritage Trails You Mustn’t Miss in Singapore

Singapore is rich in culture and you can see it all reflected in the heritage it keeps and its people. It’s something so easy to see and enjoyable in every form from fashion, industrial design to food.
It’s great that the National Heritage Board ensures that our heritage isn’t lost. For one, you can check out to come-up with your own tour to experience Singapore’s history and heritage through different sights and museums. The site offers a visual tour but to make it even better, how about get a full feel of the SG heritage through these heritage trails?

1. World War II Trail

A painful time in history, World War 2 didn’t miss making its mark in Singapore. A fun road trip to different scattered markers across the country allows you to have an appreciation of the difficulties faced during this era while also appreciating the now you are born into, far from the troubles of the world war 2.

The road trip can take you to various sites including the Sook Ching Inspection Center, the eerie Changi Massacre sites as well as Punggol and Sentosa, and Kranji Beach Battle Site.

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2. Sepoy Lines Trail

The Sikh community in Singapore has long old roots dating back to 1849 when Maharaj Singh was taken here as a British Empire Political Prisoner following the 2nd Anglo-Sikh War. While others have followed as immigrants from India.

The Sikh’s mark in SG is also visible through the 7 Sikh Temples you can find at welfare society, along missionary society and in 2 sports clubs.

This trail allows you to trace back this history through former barracks the Silat Road Sikh Temple and the Memorial for Bhai Maharaj Sing Jhi.

3. George Drumgoole Coleman

If the name isn’t familiar to you then you definitely to get into this trail to brush up on your history. This man has been instrumental in the development of Singapore’s design and construction of civil infrastructure in the early days of Singapore.

Coleman was an Irish architect who travelled to Singapore after being introduced to Sir Stamford Raffles and then served as advisor to Raffles on the draft layout of Singapore in the year of 1822. He also has a hand in the history of the design and construction of the Parliament House of the Republic of Singapore.

4. Tao Payoh Trail

This trail is one the also shows a blueprint of what Singapore was before now. It set what the blueprint for all other residential areas that followed it’s layout and construction. This town comes as the 2nd satellite town of Singapore, and its trail leads you to view of its history including Lian Shan Shuang Lin Monastery, its historic 1973 SEAP Games Village and the iconic spot of the dragon playground.

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