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A First Time Traveler In Singapore – Things to look out for

A First Time Traveler In Singapore – Things to look out for

A First Time Traveler In Singapore - Things to look out for

Your friends at SGMaxi can’t help but feel every first time traveler’s frustration when traveling alone and getting lost in the process. What if you don’t know how to get back to your hotel when traveling? What would it be like if your business meeting would be in the next hour, yet you have not figured out where that restaurant is in Singapore? Or imagine your phone is dead, so you cannot use your GPS to know where you are.

Even in our world where we can easily use a GPS or a location tracker app and getting lost or not finding your way could seem like an old school problem, life takes place – you can encounter the inconvenience and frustration especially when using public transport systems in Singapore.  One of which is by bus, the most common form followed by taxis and MRTs respectively.

But it turns out that getting lost is not the only issue for first time travelers in Singapore. Check out the following for more of them (that we hope you don’t encounter).

Not Having a Wi-Fi Connection

We all need to convert currencies, do research, navigate GPS and know places to eat.  That is why first time travelers have to have a Wi-Fi connection. According to the pros, one of the best ways to solve this problem is to rent a pocket Wi-Fi device. You can rent one for SGD10+ per day, you can get one as soon as you arrive at Changi Airport – you can use it without data limits, and it has a decent battery life. If you do make a maxi cab booking with us, remember to check with us if you do need WIFI, we have some selected vehicles with WIFI access.

Not Knowing Where To Get Discount Passes to Services and Tours

Traveling to Singapore won’t be complete without visiting the best places to go, such as the Universal Studios or SEA Aquarium. For the best attraction deals to these places, use this link. offers cheap attraction tours aside from mini bus or maxi cab service.  It is a one-stop website for first time travelers looking for a convenient mode of transportation or tour services.  The company can also offer airport transfer services that you may want to think about before going to Singapore.

Comparing Hotels             

There are many types and sizes of hotels to choose from for your vacation in the country.  Some options include budget hotels, guesthouses and B&B if you have a limited travel funds.

But there are also hotels available on the opposite side of the price scale. Luxurious accommodations, such as Fairmont, are also available.  To check for and compare hotel prices, you may want to use a number of websites for the best prices.

Not Having Travel Insurance

It is important to have travel insurance when you travel to foreign countries because you would never know what would happen to you on the road.

Insurance might sound like an added expense, but it is definitely essential for travelers in Singapore. Look for and buy insurance from reputable travel insurance providers that can provide high coverage level on medical expenses.

The insurance provider must also cover things like luggage and passport loss/theft, missed flight connections and trip delays.

Not Knowing The Laws

Some travelers pay fines for law violations. They’re fined because of doing things that they would normally do in their country – but these are not allowed in Singapore. For example, connecting to someone else’s Wi-Fi or spitting in the street is prohibited. If you violate them, you might have to pay for hefty fines.

In the country, you should also know that flushing public toilets is a law.  To prevent violating any laws and paying fines, know and be familiar with the laws.

Inconvenience of moving around and getting to places fast

Whether you’re in Singapore for a vacation or a business trip, moving around using public transport systems may be inconvenient  (transferring from one public transportation to another) and time-consuming (not being able to drop off at the exact location).

First time travelers renting a car can also find it very inconvenient to move from one place to another because they are unaware of the ways to get to their location fast. They are also unfamiliar of the roads, highways and main thoroughfares.

For this reason, they might have to keep looking at their GPS from time to time. They might also have to use a map to find places. Worst, they might have to stop a couple of times to ask for directions from the locals, who might not be speaking English.

To prevent any of these problems from taking away your sanity, hire a private transport service in Singapore!

Some travelers feel frustrated for being clueless of where they are. Even some lost their cellular phone signal and Wi-Fi connection, adding to their stress. But you don’t have to suffer from any of these things because you can turn them around by booking a cab service.

Several options are available depending on the size of the vehicle you’d select.  Two examples are the seven-seater maxi cab and 13-seater mini bus. Or if you

Having a private transport system for first time travelers like you is a great choice because you will have your personal chauffeur. That said, you don’t have to deal with the traffic, navigate the GPS or ask for directions anymore.

With a Maxicab booking before your travel, you can rest assured that you will have a convenient and comfortable ride whether you’re hiring the cab or mini bus service for a tour or an airport transfer.

The airport transfer can also be the most convenient way of getting around and spending a city tour with your family and friends.  You also don’t have think about paying high prices because the rates are affordable.  Prices range between $55 and $75 for a one-way transfer.

Also, choosing a limo or cab service, you don’t have to worry about car insurance because the company will take care of it.

There you have some challenges faced by first time travelers in Singapore and ways they can turn things around and fix the issues.

Plan your travel ahead by knowing what potential problems to face and simple tips to solve them.  To get the most out of your Singapore tour, consider a Maxi cab booking today!