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How to Bargain With a Limo Rental Agency for the Best Rates

The thrill of getting transported from the airport to the Sheraton Hotel in Scotts Road or visiting the tourist attractions in the island nation of Singapore in a limo is surely unparalleled. So, the next time you visit Singapore for a business conference or for holidaying with your family, make sure to book a Mercedes or a Rolls-Royce limo well in advance for having the experience of a lifetime. But before you proceed, take into consideration that there are numerous Singapore limousine rental services outfits that offer partial to full-scale services.

Additionally, the quality of service provided also varies from operator to operator. And needless to say, the rental rates are not uniform across the board. So, how can you ensure that you would be able to extract the maximum mileage from every dollar you spend for availing of the luxury private transportation service? The following tips might help you out with bargaining for the best rates while you’re in the process of renting a limousine.

Browse on the Net

The world of commerce and trade had long gone online and so you can take it for granted that almost all limousine services in Singapore will be having a web-based platform. Since, maintaining and administering a website is much cheaper compared to running a brick-and-mortar office, the limo rental in Singapore is in a position to offer bargain deals that come with discounts or rebates. Therefore, it goes without saying that you should extensively browse on the net looking for the portals of leading limo rental outfits.

Make Reservations Well in Advance

In case you are making reservations during the peak season, for instance during the Christmas or New Year holidays, see to it that you book at least 6-8 weeks or 2 months in advance. Making advance booking lets you take advantage of the off-peak rates that are obviously lower than the peak time rates. So, once you book a limousine, both the rate and your model of choice are locked-in.

However, maintain parity with respect to hotel, flight, and luxury vehicle reservations. Contacting a Singapore limousine rental services firm and confirming your booking while delaying the reservation of accommodation or flight will lead to your losing out on promo offers on the latter. So, you will need to research cautiously so that you don’t miss out significant deals on any front.

Don’t be shy about claiming discounts and rebates

If you travel on a regular basis, you’re most likely to be bombarded with frequent-flyer offers from airline companies, promotional schemes of hotels, and proposals from credit card institutions. So, there is no reason to feel shy about enquiring whether the limo rental in Singapore has tie-ups with airlines, hotels, and other companies for offering discounts or rebates on luxury vehicle rental.

Explore the risk of choosing a smalltime service provider

If you really want to wrest a good offer, you may sometimes have to take the risk of closing the deal with a Mercedes limousine service in Singapore that is not well-known or very reputed. More often than the trade-off settling for a less well-known firm in place of a service provider that’s a household name.

Opting to buy the fuel yourself and booking the limo for a slightly longer period than you may actually need the vehicle are other factors that’ll go a long way in helping you to drive a good bargain.