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How to Compare Services Offered by Singapore Limo Rental Companies

Unlike cab services or other modes of public transport that charge passengers based on distance travelled, limousine services in Singapore provide a price quote calculated by taking into account the total number of hours for which the vehicle is booked. Towards that end, majority of the limousine rental services charge more or less similar rates for transfers to and from the airport and hotels as these routes are standardized. But when it comes to dispatching a limo for an exclusive event like a wedding ceremony or a corporate event, the luxury transport service provider takes a discretionary approach when giving you a quote.

Since people celebrate or observe the aforementioned special events as per their preferences and capacity to splurge, the limo rental in Singapore gets an opportunity to send an overpriced quote under the guise of service customization. Hence, it becomes imperative for you to compare and contrast the services provided by at least 4-5 established limo hire outfits so that your investment is put to optimum use.

The limo rental in Singapore that treats the client like a king

Any reputed limousine service in Singapore that is sincere about holding on to its painstakingly earned goodwill will always be willing to walk the extra mile for you. Generally, a service provider would prepare the invoice based on the total number of hours for which you had rented the vehicle. There are outfits that also include the time it takes for the vehicle to reach your destination and the time required to go back to garage after it leaves your premises in the invoice.

There will be occasions when you may not be using the limousine which implies it will remain unoccupied or on standby. A service provider in Singapore that is interested in getting repeated bookings from your end will take the above aspect into consideration before drawing up a bill.

Does the agency have the infrastructure to fulfil your expectations?

The limo business is highly specialized and the rental agency providing the business has to maintain a ready fleet of Rolls Royce limousine including sedans, convertibles, and stretch limos for accommodating different groups of passengers. Then again, the outfit has to keep on its roll a team of seasoned chauffeurs that have the capability of handling both the vehicle and the customers.

Does the outfit maintain transparency in its dealings and billings?

Does the company provide you the relevant info with regards to your renting a vehicle for your particular occasion? Does the website of the company furnish complete details about renting a limousine? Will the service provider offer you a transparent invoice itemizing all the expenses or accounting heads? You’ll of course be stunned if you receive an inflated invoice costs of those services have been included for which you didn’t subscribe.

Safety comes first

A limo rental agency that wants to increase its customer base will always accord highest priority to passenger safety.

Are you allowed to carry out an inspection in person?

Any reliable limousine service in Singapore will happily allow you to inspect the limo you want to book.