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How To Get To Changi Airport in the Early AM


Singapore is a hub of activity. Always was, and for the foreseeable future, will remain so. People sleep and wake up and there is a feeling of a continuing cycle…until you need to get to Changi Airport before the sun goes up…then you realize that you might lose some sleep over it!

There’s a recent flurry of activity in Reddit with regard to this topic “How to Get to Changi Airport in the Early Morning”. Although quite helpful and informational, the discussion somehow feels incomplete for us who are fully subscribed to the digital age. Some of the suggestions were:

  • Catch the last train and stay at the airport  for hours before your flight comes. Well this sounds a little crazy but with the things we have at the Changi Airport to entertain you, maybe not so crazy after all!
  • Take the very first train out if your flight is 2 hours after arrival at the airport.
  • Take an Uber
  • Carpooling

Yes, it is more than alright to take the last train and then pass the time, reading, playing games on your mobile or tablet, sample food from the open establishments; it sounds and reads romantic, like a movie scene that would be so nice played in slow motion with string instruments in the background.

There is a good chance that boredom may set in, and some aching backs, and then random but slowly increasing glances at your watch; in which case it might have been better to take a red eye instead of staying in the terminal awake the entire evening? That old Hollywood movie featuring a guy trapped in an airport didn’t look like it was too much fun.

We think your back on a bed is also really sensible at that time of night.

So what’s left?

The More Sensible Alternatives

We think solutions should be fairly straight forward: reliable, sensible to the pocket, and safe for the user.

Yes, there are a lot of transportation services available in Singapore, and we can consider the traditional taxi services or newer ride-sharing applications. We belong to one of the safest places in the civilized world. Now add to that and checking facts and records, none of our competitors in neighboring countries can match our safety record.

Think about it in these terms: You want to enjoy your day before the flight. You want to leisurely tick off items from your to-do list, go shopping, watch your favourite Netflix series, or read something that you intended to do anyway, or get snuggled in your bed with a good book or that video game you have to catch up on – safe in the knowledge that tomorrow reliable, punctual transport will be right at your doorstep. Forget going into a panic in the morning itself trying to get a cab. Book a SGMaxi Maxi Cab the night before and wake up at the time you are going to be most comfortable with, not any earlier!

Still The Best Solution

Our fleet of Maxi Cabs Service Mini Buses, and even our limousine service will get you to Singapore Changi Airport at the time you need to be there, in the safest, most comfortable, most agreeable way possible. Try us out, and get fully subscribed to the digital age for personalised transportation services. You’ll be wondering where we were all this time.

And that is the best solution for getting to Singapore Changi Airport “Early in the AM”.