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How to Make a Limo Reservation at SGMAXI.CAB?


Booking a luxury car for a significant occasion or event is a matter of pride as pressing a chauffeured Rolls Royce limousine into service for transferring guests from one place to another leaves an indelible impression on them. If you’re thinking of hiring our limousine services in Singapore for the first time for a wedding ceremony or an anniversary or for transporting your prospective business clients from the airport to a five-star hotel, then you may nurse the impression that booking online might be a complicated affair.

However, in reality, booking a limo or a bus from our website is a very smooth and convenient process. The following lines elucidate as to how a typical customer goes about fulfilling the formalities for our web–oriented reservation.

Step 1: Logging into the site

Our website for limousine services in Singapore has been designed and developed in such a manner that you can log into the portal from your Android or Apple smartphone or the conventional desktop. Since providing limo/luxury vehicle services is something very sophisticated, it goes without saying that the site has been designed to be as user-friendly as possible.

Our homepage offers direct options for your preferred limousine in the navigation itself. Moreover, by clicking on to the Book Now button featured below each of the Limousine types facilitates one-click booking. After all, you may have to provide sensitive/personal details when it comes to reserving the vehicle or making payments. Moreover, our site for limousine hiring is SSL certified which means all classified data that you provide is completely secure.

Step 2: Filling in all the requisite or mandatory details

Before you can proceed to hire a limousine, you’ll have to provide basic info. The 1st step would be to select the kind of limo you will want to hire. It could be a Rolls Royce limousine or a Mercedes Limousine Service. Next, you will be required to fill up an online form where you need to fill in the blank fields with info regarding the nature of the event, the number of guests that’ll be accommodated, pickup/drop addresses, flight arrival/departure time, and so on. There will be vacant fields asking for your preference regarding the type of vehicle including those that are not in the limousine class of services like 7 seater maxicabs or the larger 9 to 13 seater mini buses. You can also choose to include the amenities that you would be looking forward to. You’ll have to clearly specify whether you need a limo immediately (i.e. within the next couple of hours or so) or prefer to book in advance.

Step 3: Payment

Our online booking accepts payment from all the popular payment modes. It could be a credit card, debit card or even online banking. You can select your preferred mode of payment and depending on the booking time you will have to pay a lump sum as advance.

Cancellation and/or Refund

As a reliable company offering various reliable private transport services in Singapore, it is only fair that we do have a cancellation or refund policy as it helps us to manage our resources and costs extremely and more importantly, reduce stress on on our staff. This in turn translates to better service for our clients. For our cancellation policy go here: