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Let SGMAXI Bring You On A Nature Tour


Spending your days in the highly developed, busy, urban areas of Singapore, there are times that you just want to get way from the people, the concrete pavement and buildings and the loud energetic music, or sometimes you just want to get away.

You’ll be happy to know that while Singapore is home to the best shopping malls, savory food and wild parties, it also holds its own natural sanctuaries that bring you the beauty and wonders of nature. From beautiful man-designed gardens and fort, to the raw elegance of nature found in natural reservoirs, nature trails and wetlands, whether you’re a nature lover looking to get close to nature, or a city slicker looking for some fresh air, SGMaxi can bring you on a nature that will show you this other side of Singapore. If you’re travelling with friends and family, you can book our maxi cabs and mini buses that can seat 7,9 and 13 people with all the gear you plan to bring.

Here are some of the best spots for a nature tour you will enjoy:

The Southern Ridges

Not every nature trip has to mean mud and heavy trekking. The Southern Ridges is like a long bridge above a lush mountain forest. It stretches for 10km connecting various parks along Singapore’s south ridges, hence “the Southern Ridges”.

Included in the Southern Ridges is the popular tourist destination, Mount Faber Park which is made up of Palm Plaza, the Marina Deck, Jewel Box and Faber Point. Another park is Telok Blangah Hill Park by Henderson Waves bridge, the main feature of which is a semi-circular terraced garden at its top. Kent Ridge Park is another park in the southern ridges. A great place for bird-watching and observing the raw beauty of nature since it has lush greenery and is an undisturbed habitat for different animals.

There are many trails and entry points to this nature walk, so you just need to take your pick and SGMaxi will take you there.

Labrador Nature Reserve

This reserve is also connected to the Southern Ridges but is worth a stop on its own. It offers such an experience of wonder and tranquility. When you get there, do not be surprised to be greeted with the wonderful music from many different species of birds, and that includes the beautiful Oriental Magpie-robin and the Black-naped Oriole.

Apart from birdwatching, you can also get to see some old artillery posts and pieces, remnants from British military history in Singapore. There also picnic spots where you can fire up a barbecue, maybe you can cook what you catch if you plan to go fishing along the promenade’s shoreline. This reservoir also has the lone coastal cliff in Singapore, a great spot to take pictures and maybe even set sights on a White-bellied Sea Eagle.

Kranji Marshes

New to the nature tour scene, access to what is known to be the largest fresh water marshland in Singapore has just been opened to the public early this year just a day earlier than World Wetlands Day. This wetland lies along Kranji Reservoir, and is about 56.8 hectares of marshland, home to a large variety of species of birds, butterflies, dragonflies, flora and fauna.

Kranji Marshes is a project carefully built by NParks and URA with every effort to avoid disturbing the natural habitat as much as they can. In this light, public access is only open for 8hours to protect the marsh-birds and wet-land creatures.

One of the best spots here is the Raptor Tower, which gives you a bird’s eye view of the marshes, but don’t miss the Swamphen Hide too, just behind the tower, it also gives you a scenic view of the green lush meadows nestled on the marsh waters.

Other wonderful places to visit for a nature trip include:

  • Sungei Buloh Nature Reserve, where you can spot some Estuarine Crocodiles, otters, migrating birds and White-bellied Sea Eagles.
  • Treetop Walk and Macritchie Reservoir Park for a breath-taking view of the jungle forest and a picturesque sunset across the park.
  • Changi Boardwalk, for a different scenic view of nature in each of its stops. A picture of yachts, folks fishing by boardwalk, a panoramic view of the sea by Pulau Ubin, the lovely sunrise at the starting point in Beach Walk and a romantic sunset at the end point by Sunset Walk.

So if you’re ready to take a break from the hustle and bustle of the city, let SGMaxi take you on a nature tour to enjoy and relax.