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Toyota Alphard Vellfire Limousine Cab Rental Singapore

Travel Around Singapore in Convenience and in Style with the Alphard Vellfire Limo Cab

When you would like to get around a city for the first time, you need to find a mode of transportation service that screams luxury yet budget-friendly at the same time – Rent the Alphard Vellfire Limo Cab with a driver. It is understandable that the budget is something that most travellers, both locally and internationally, really worry about. This is the reason why our company offers top-notch rides for bargain prices.

Now, if you will be going around Singapore with 6 other people, you can easily rent out a Toyota Alphard or a Vellfire with a driver for your trip. Compared to other rental or transport companies, you will never have to worry about paying insane amounts of money since you can choose among our packages:

  • Departures and 1 Way Transfer is one of the packages that we offer. For as low as $70 you will be able to travel from your hotel to the airport without going through the stress of traffic, driving, hailing cabs or getting lost in the city. Even if you are a local, you can still take this package and make it work for you, especially if you have to travel out of Singapore. Additional fees may apply in case you would like to make additional stops, so be sure to contact us for more details.
  • Arrivals – whether you need a ride from the airport or other terminals, we will be available to pick you up and drive you to your hotel or place of residence. Additional fees are applicable to certain requests, so it would be best to check out the company’s website or get in touch with its experts to find out more.
  • Hourly rates – with a minimum of 3 hours, you can actually acquire the services of an Alphard/Vellfire limo cab with a driver to take you anywhere in Singapore you would like to go. Remember that our services are not just extended to tourists exploring the country. If you need a limo ride to a wedding for your family, then call the company and for sure, you will find the transportation assistance that you have been looking for. Or maybe you would like to take your friend on a short Malaysian getaway, you can contact the company and ask about possible transfers to Malaysia for you to visit Legoland and the country’s other tourist attractions.

These three packages are perfect for almost every type of traveller. The rates are as friendly as the staff who are trained and experienced to take great care of their passengers.

1 Way Transfer
Point to point transfer
Available in 15 minutes
FREE 10 minutes of waiting time*
Hourly (Min 3 hours)
Unlimited pick up and drop off
Best for sightseeing or site visits
Inclusive of ERP & Carparks charges
Additional per 1 hour block - $60
Arrival/ Departure
Airport or Seaport pick up.
FREE 60 minutes of waiting time*
Meet and Greet Service