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Maxi Cab & Mini Bus for Bulky Items and Bicycle Transfer

 Important Things You Ought To Know

Bulky Items TransferAre you going somewhere in the city of Singapore? Do you have bulky items and bicycles along with you? Well, this can be something difficult on your part especially when you are not aware of an effective way by which you can make your transportation simpler and easier. It would not be a good idea to board on a train or a bus with all these bulky items along with you. The more it is not wise for you to travel when you ask for a taxi to carry all your things despite of the fact that you are offering more to the driver.

Bulky Items & Bicycle Transfer

Well, you need not to worry much about the things that you wish to carry and bring along during your trip. As of the present days, carrying lots of bulky items and even a bicycle is no longer a problem with the aid of a mini bus or a maxi cab Singapore. Such kind of transport service proves to be an effective way to haul them altogether in a single vehicle. This is true to the fact that many mini buses and 7 seater maxi cab are perfectly designed to accommodate a good number of luggage and a couple of bicycles. This proves to be a great convenience on your part because you will no longer have to think about carrying all your things together.

Finding the Right Kind of Mini Bus or Mini Cab

One of the most important things that you need to consider when looking for a way to carry and transport bulky items & bicycle transfer is to locate the right kind of vehicle for such purpose. Like what has been said a while back, Singapore is now teeming with companies that offer mini buses and maxicabs which are known to be extra versatile when it comes to carrying and transporting bulky items and plus a couple of bicycles. And when it comes to your search task, the internet proves to be the best place wherein you can find a good list of companies that offer mini buses and mini cabs in SG today.

Are you thinking about transporting bulky items & bicycle transfer the easy and convenient way possible? If you are then you are simply advised to locate a reliable company that offers mini buses and maxicabs today!

Bulky Items Transfer from Ikea…

Large Items Transport

Maxi Cab service after shopping in Ikea or moving some items to your new home? We can accomodate your needs. However, depending on the item, we may send a 7 seater maxi cab or a 13 seater minibus. The best thing for you to do is contact us and tell us exactly what are the items size before the pick up. This way we know what to expect and what we may have to adjust, and you’ll know what, if any, extra charges may occur. Do refer to the Maxi Cab Booking Charges and call Maxi Cab Singapore Taxi Number at  6100 0377  

Bicycle Transfer

bike transfer

Bike Transfer

Bike transport to any Triathlon, Ironman, Bike or Biking events in Singapore. 7 seater MaxiCab could transport an optimum of 2 complete bikes, and the 13 seater minibus could do more.