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Maxi Cab Booking Online

Maxi Cab Online Booking: The Advantages You Will Surely Enjoy

minibus rental servicesWelcome to Maxi Cab Booking Online. So, you have already decided to spend a vacation in one of the most prestigious and interesting countries in Asia. Singapore, which is also called the City of the Lion has simply caught your attention because this is a place where many interesting things and places can be found. As such, you have made it possible to arrange for a family tour and vacation in SG one of these days.

Getting Things Prepared

In order to come up with a tour or vacation that is spent successfully, it is very important to plan ahead of time. This is a way by which you can make important preparations that will help necessitate your tour. And when it comes to preparation, many important things need to be considered in the first place and these include packing of things your entire family needs during your stay. You also need to buy your air tickets ahead of time and of course, you have to make sure that you have enough funds to cover all the expenses that you should shoulder during your stay in SG.

Booking for Your Transport Service

Aside from your accommodation, another essential thing that you should consider before you embark on a trip to SG is the act of booking for your transport service. This is quite important especially when it is your first time to be in the country. Getting a transport service through Online Booking gives you the opportunity to choose this transport service that fits your needs, preferences and budget. If you made it possible to get one, this will then provide you the certainty that you can get to your points of destinations without the worries and hassles along the way.

Maxi Cab or Minibus Online Booking

The fact is that there is a better way by which you can realize the type of transport service for your entire group. A maxi cab or a mini bus is indeed a practical and effective choice for you especially if you want to make huge savings out of your Singapore trip. By booking one, you can enjoy great offers that will definitely help you save much along the way.

As of the present days, Online Booking has gone too far in helping searchers and customers arrange for a hassle-free vacation. So for your upcoming tour or vacation to the city of SG, find a way to book for a minibus or a maxi cab as early as today!

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7 Seater
(A)$60 | (B)$70 | (C)$165
(A) Point to point transfer
(B) Airport arrival - Meet & Greet
(C) Hourly charter (3hrs)
9 Seater
(A)$70 | (B)$80 | (C)$195
(A) Point to point transfer
(B) Airport arrival - Meet & Greet
(C) Hourly charter (3hrs)
13 Seater
(A)$80 | (B)$90 | (C)$210
(A) Point to point transfer
(B) Airport arrival - Meet & Greet
(C) Hourly charter (3hrs)

Online Booking Form

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Kindly fill up the Pick-up location, Drop-off location, Date & Time. Thereafter you will be able to select the service type.

  • Additional SGD15 for pick up in these areas (Lim Chu Kang, Chua Chu Kang, Tuas)
  • Any additional stop within 2km will be charged at $15 per stop. More than 2km $25. Maximum 1 additional pick up.
  • Midnight Surcharge 23:00 – 06:30 ($15)
  • Grace waiting time (15 minutes for 1 Way transfer) / (60 minutes for Arrival – once the plane has landed) thereafter $10 for every 15 minutes block will be charged to the total bill.

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