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Maxi Cab Booking Services

How Locals Can Take Advantage of Maxi Cab Booking Services

Book a Maxi Cab

A lot of people think that maxi cab booking services and other shuttle bus services are exclusively for the use of tourists, VIPS and dignitaries who are visiting Singapore. What they do not know is that even locals who simply need a more convenient way to travel, can most definitely acquire the services of a reliable maxi cab booking company to reach their destinations, regardless of how near or far these locations may be. Local travellers will surely be delighted to know that with just a few clicks of the button or mouse, they would be able to experience the best and the most practical way to get around different parts of Singapore.

To further ensure your convenience, here are the best packages that you can choose from:

  • Hourly Rates or Services – gone are the days when you will be forced to rent and pay for an entire day’s worth of maxi cab service when you only need to spend a maximum (or minimum) of 3 hours on the road. The hourly deal is perfect for those who are looking for transport service that would take them to an event or meeting or maybe to the mall for some shopping and a little bit of R&R with your friends.
  • One Way Transfers – this would work perfectly if you simply need a ride to the airport or the terminal. So instead of renting or hailing cab, why don’t you contact a reliable 7 seater maxi cab book service to take you to there?
  • Changi Airport Arrival Transfers – and once it is time for you to go home, you can book a maxi taxi in advance to make sure that you will be picked up on time. You can also use this deal when you are arriving at the ferry terminal after a trip across the border.

Details that You Should Provide your Maxi Cab Booking Company

So once you have decided on which type of service or transport assistance you need for your actual travel date, be sure to provide the company with all the information that they need in order for them to pick you up and drop you off on time. Here are the different details that you should make sure to provide:

  • Your Pick up Date and Time
  • Which type of transport service you have chosen for this reservation
  • Where your drop off destination is
  • Where will you be picked up
  • How many passengers will there be