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Maxi Cabs are Not Only for Tourists


Maxi Cabs tend to be more popularly advertised for tourists assuming that locals would be more comfortable with local public transport. But the truth is, locals can also enjoy the advantages of travelling via a maxi cab for many different occasions and purposes, and very especially if they’re going around Singapore with a group of friends or their family.

Can’t imagine it still? Then let SGMaxi show you how our maxi cabs can be of great use for you with these top 6 reasons:

1. Transporting big and small loads altogether

Going out to cycling mountain track or triathlon? Or maybe moving between offices or into a new home? Or perhaps simply shopping for furniture and fixtures at Ikea?

Our 7-seater maxi cabs or 13-seater mini buses can carry that load for you. Your bikes, boxes, furniture and fixtures will fit you and your load without any hassle.

2. Family and Friends transportation during events and festivals.

Most of the time it’s the trip to your destination that makes for the best memories. But when it comes to events like the Chinese New Year, Hari Raya or Deepavali, public transportation won’t be able to offer you that space, nor comfort, to enjoy each other’s company during your travel. And travelling as a group will not be as fun (and more costly) splitting cabs.

With our 7-seater maxi cabs and 13-seater minibuses, you and your family and travel companions can comfortably travel together to event destinations and visit relatives while enjoying each other’s company throughout the trip, comfortably seated in our spacious vehicles.

3. Company Team Outings and Team Building Events

We can be your ride to these memorable events for your employees and teammates. You can be sure of your team’s comfort and safety as we drive you to your company outing/event destination.

4. A GSS Shopping Trip

Why limit your shopping spree to the bags you can carry? Why not go shopping with your friends? Our maxi cabs can help you maximize your shop-till-you-drop experience as we drive you to your shopping stops and safely store your shopping bags so you can shop so more. No worries about parking, petrol or having to wait and wave for a cab with all your baggage as you go to your shopping stops.

Your feet will thank you for the comfort in our vehicles as you travel to each stop, and you can get to more places in a day travelling with SG Maxi.

5. Go from local to tourist yourself

SG Maxi covers trips to Malaysia. We can give you and your travel companions a comfortable safe ride across the border to go sight-seeing, enjoy at Lego Land, shop at Johor Premium Outlets or have a food trip and fun experience at Mersing.

We have enough space to fit your and your family for this family vacation in our 7-seater maxi cabs and 13-seater mini buses, with enough room for all your luggage and any shopped goods you’ll be taking home.

6. For people with wheelchairs

SG Maxi has the right features to support your family/friend with wheel chairs. Our maxi cabs are equipped with ramps and a compartment specific for wheel chairs. So if you have any members travelling with a wheelchair our maxi cab will have enough space to store it and seat 7 companions at the same time. So now, travelling with a family/friend who is disabled can be easy.

We understand that comfort and safety is important for persons with disabilities and our drivers are well trained and will always be ready to support you during your transport whilst ensuring your safety.