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Mini Bus Charter in Singapore – Why Should You Go For it

Mini Bus Charter SingaporeWhy is it highly advisable to hire or rent a mini bus charter in Singapore? Well, the answer is really simple: Singapore is definitely a country where most of its buildings, establishments and hot spots are considered to be real tourist destinations. And even if you are resident, you will still need a way to get around its cities without worries, especially if you are exploring or visiting several destinations with a large group of people. And when it comes to events such as this, you surely are in need of a reliable means of transportation that could make sure that you will no longer have to worry about your ride throughout your stay in the country.

There are several modes of transportation in the country; one of which can be obtained by acquiring the services of a minibus charter bus company. And through this, you are technically doing yourselves a favor; all because you and your travel companions will be entitled to enjoy the many benefits that only a professional charter bus company. provides well maintained mini buses and other types of vehicles that offers solutions to all your tour and travel related concerns, while you are in Singapore.

Here are more reasons why people should go for a mini bus charter bus in Singapore:

Budget Friendly

If your main concern during your stay in the country is budget, then you have come to the right place. The company offers different travel or rental packages that would suit any type of budget. So whether or not you are running on a really low budget, the company will surely have a deal for you. You can choose from their:

  • Flat rate package– which allows you to take advantage of a single fee to be paid for a whole day’s worth of touring and getting around the city.
  • Hourly booking option – if you simply need a charter bus service to help you out for a specific number of hours, then this is the package for you. You will not be forced to pay for a package that does not suit your needs. (Hourly Rates)

Departure / 1 Way Transfer
9 Seater $70 | 13 Seater $80
Add $15 x-tra stop (within 2km from pick up or final destination)
Add $15 (midnight 11pm till 6.30am)
Add $15 (waiting time per 10 mins block)
Add $20 (Pick up from Tuas Area)
Arrival (Airport & Ferry Terminals)
9 Seater $80 | 13 Seater $90
Add $15 x-tra stop (within 2km from pick up or final destination)
Add $15 (midnight 11pm till 6.30am)
Add $15 (waiting time per 10 mins block)
Inclusive of Meet & Greet
FREE 60mins of waiting time starts once the plane or ferry arrived.

Special Transfer Services

For those with special travel needs such as wheel chair transfers or if you need a service provider that could help you cross the Singapore—Malaysian border, then this is would be the company for you. Your chosen mini bus charter bus company will provide you with mini-buses that could support wheelchair dependent passengers and even those who will be traveling with elderly travelers. Now, in case you need to go to Malaysia to check out their tourist and scenic spots, then you can rely on the company’s services to make your vacation and tours work for you.

Now that you know what you are in for in case you will be hiring the company and renting one of its high end and well-maintained mini buses, you can now relax and focus preparing your itinerary, as well as coming up with a list of activities that you would like to do as soon as you arrive in the country.