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Mini Bus for Your Bulky Items from Ikea

Bulky Items TransferMini Bus for Your Bulky Items – The Budget Friendly Version of Your Local Movers

Now that you are ready to venture out into the big leagues and move in to a new and better office space, your next task is to take your stuff out, rent a mini bus for your bulky items and set up shop! You might probably be asking why we highly recommend this when you can easily call your local movers to take all your belongings (office supplies, ikea furniture and small other equipment) to your new place. Well, to tell you honestly, acquiring the services of a minibus is not that different from calling your hauling company; the only difference is that, it offers a truck load of benefits that you will surely appreciate.

Benefits of Hiring a Mini Bus for your Bulky Items

Hiring a mini bus can really be advantageous for you, not just for when you are touring a new city or attending a wedding in the nearby province or city. Min buses can also be your best ally for moving bulky items such as your chairs, desks or even computers and bicycles. Here are more reasons to choose them over your local movers:

The bus is just the right size for your needs.

Now, it doesn’t matter whether you have recently purchased a work table from Ikea or you are looking at the possibility to move your office supplies to your new office or work space, a mini bus is big enough for the amount and size of items that you would like to move or deliver. Imagine renting an entire truck just to transfer 5 large boxes, not only will your stuff keep bouncing through the walls of the cargo truck, there will also be a higher chance of damaging them even before they are unpacked and used.

The rates are friendlier and more flexible

Gone are the days when you will be forced to pay for really expensive moving rates, with your eyes closed. With the right mini bus service provider, you can decide on:

  • The number of hours that you will be needing their services
  • The actual type of mini bus service package that you would like to acquire for your needs.

And the company will make sure that you will be given the best and the friendliest rates in the market.

Pick Up and Drop Off Services

All you need to do is to give them a call in advance, let them know about the number items that you would like to move or transport, as well as the size of the boxes or equipment to make sure that they will not only provide you with the transportation services that you need, they will also be able to arrive on time to pick up, as well as deliver the items right on schedule.

Their services are not just for moving or hauling.

Say, you want to go shopping for large pieces of home or office decors and ikea furniture, instead of calling a moving or trucking company to help you out, the best thing to do is contact a reliable minibus charter provider have them picked up and delivered to your home instead. All for a fraction of the cost.

Forget about trying to get a schedule with local movers when you can call a mini bus service provider to help you move your bulky items to your new office, home or building.