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Minibus Booking – Helpful Tour Reservation Process

Mininbus Booking

Miniubus Booking

One of the first things you need to consider when planning for a group tour is to make your minibus booking ahead of time. Visiting Singapore with everyone tagging along only means you are bound for an extraordinarily wonderful time. The Merlion City offers a wide range of tourist attractions and points of interest here and there. No matter what your agenda may be, SG is full of places and adventures to fill your group tour needs.

Important Details for a Minibus Booking

On top of your hotel accommodation, your transport service is definitely a topmost priority to never take for granted. Even months before your prior group tour, make sure you have made all the necessary transactions particularly your minibus booking service. Booking and reserving the ride in advance saves you a lot of money and worries in the near future. You can research for service providers and keep in touch with them online or via their hotline number.

Once you have found the right travel company for your minibus accommodation, it is high time you settle all the reservation requirements. You don’t have any additional charges especially if you make advance or early minibus booking. It may not be the same with last minute reservations though. Nevertheless, it helps to keep in touch with the service provider of your choice to know their respective terms and conditions.

 Here are the important information you need to provide for your minibus booking and reservation:

 Transfer Details

 Give the essential details upfront. The transfer information includes the date you would need the minibus service, the exact time, and the number of hours you need the bus for your rental. Different companies have varied rules for their minimum rental time but typically a minimum of two consecutive hours is required. Other essential information for the minibus booking includes the pickup point, address, and destination of transfer.

 Flight Details

 The company needs to know the actual flight time especially for airport transfers and other services you may request for after the pickup. In order to avoid confusion and time constraints, the service provider usually sticks to the flight time in cases of early or delayed arrivals.


A minibus booking in advance basically gives you the luxury to choose what type of minibus you need and the features and amenities you prefer. For instance, tell the service provider if there are any special vehicle accessories or amenities you need such as onboard TV and DVD, baby seats, and the likes.

 Guest Details

Provide your contact details such as your full name, mobile number with calling code for easier communication. As a precaution, only provide salient details such as your credit card information if you are 100% sure of the credibility of the company you are dealing with. There are other modes of payment such as cash hence choose the one that is more secured.

Ensure your minibus booking right now and take one concern out of your list. Your Singapore group tour deserves no hassle rides from start to finish.