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Minibus Charter in Singapore – Types of Rides to Choose From

Minibus charter

Minibus Charter Service

A minibus charter in Singapore is a fast growing trend in the transport service niche. The industry is overflowing with new things to offer for tourists on business and leisure. You can choose a limousine or maxicab service if you are with a much smaller group of people. However, for group tours and excursions, minibuses are the ideal choice. This vehicle type offers convenience, safety, and fun with all the amenities inside the ride. In booking a minibus rental for your Singapore trip, there are various things to consider particularly the type of minibus that is perfect for your group tour.

Types of Minibus Charter in Singapore

Minibuses from today’s travel service companies in Singapore undergo significant upgrades that would certainly make your tour so much better. Different units have their unique exterior and interior features but are all designed to offer comfort and safety with a hint of sophistication. Most units have amenities such as TV and DVD with air-conditioned interiors to keep you fresh all day or all night long. Here are some of the types of minibuses for your minibus charter in Singapore:

 10 Seater Mini Bus

 As the name implies, this vehicle accommodates 10 passengers inclusive of the driver or chauffeur. Most units are available for one-way or return transfers, arrival and departure transfers, and day trips around Singapore.

 13 Seater Mini Bus 

 A minibus charter in Singapore for this particular package is ideal for a larger group of people that want an elegant and hybrid model. The Mercedes Benz unit is fully loaded with innovative designs and features and the Toyota Hiace is equally spacious and elegant. There are units with foldable rear seats for luggage and equipment accommodation.

19 / 23  Seater Bus

 A lot of group tours to Singapore take place on board this type of luxury vehicle. It is much spacious and modern unit with sophisticated designs. The bus is available for the usual one-way or return transfers as well as for hourly disposal or transfers.

45 Seater Coach

 This huge unit is ideal if you want more than the usual minibus charter in Singapore. It accommodates up 45 passengers with spacious overheads and luggage compartments. The bus is perfect for long day trips and educational tours. This classy unit is also a popular choice among customers looking for a good transport service for business delegations and conferences.

Perks of a Minibus Service

On top of the generous accommodation, minibuses are ideal transport services for passengers who want to experience Singapore without the hassle of going from one point of interest to another. You can choose from other transfer services available including meetings transfers, client pickup, airport transfers, wedding events, wheelchair transfers, and tri bike transfers.

The best minibus charter in Singapore offers a wide selection of package deals for different types of tourists with unique itineraries and travel needs. Make sure you go for the best minibus service that incorporates both quality and affordability in one amazing package. The choice is yours.