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Minibus Daily Charter: Beyond Cab Rides and Car Rentals

Mini Bus Hire

Transportation is definitely a huge part of your travels, without it, you will not be able to get around the city or the country. This is the reason why you have to rent the right transport service to ensure that all 13 of you will have the best time ever – in line with this, a minibus daily charter service is definitely the best way to go.

Travelers visiting a new country or city are open to several choices when it comes to rides or transportations. There would be the classic taxi rides, car rentals and chartered vehicles – all of which can work depending on the needs of the passengers. Taxis or cabs can only do so much when it comes to providing their passengers a way to get to their destinations. As a matter of fact, they can be a little bit constricting and inconvenient especially if you are traveling with a huge group. This is the reason why a mini charter bus is a highly recommended solution.

Minibus Daily Charter VS. Taxis

Not intending to dissuade taxi lovers out there, however, this is to merely identify why traveling via a chartered mini bus is ideal and advantageous for visitors and locals alike:

Perfect for large groups of people

Imagine trying to hail 5 or more taxi cabs for your entire group. Not only will you have to compete with other passengers, you will have to make sure that you will not be charged for more than the actual worth of the trip. Of course you can ask your hotel’s concierge to help you find taxis enough for all of you, but what if you are out on a side trip or you are in the middle of the city shopping, how else will you be able to find your rides back to your hotel? To solve this, you can always have a minibus booked to fit your entire group. Choose from their:

  • 7 seater mini bus
  • 9 seater mini bus
  • 13 seater mini bus

Daily rates are available

Let’s say that you do not have plans to rent a minibus for the entire 4 days that you are in the country; grabbing taxis at every single stop you make, can be quite a hassle; so, there is a smart way to tackle that situation, and that is through booking mini-bus based on the company’s daily transport package. You can rent the bus for a specific number of hours as well, that is if you think that you will not be needing an entire day to explore the country.

Easy booking policies

Even before you arrive in Singapore, you can easily book and confirm your reservations. You can book minibus online and send payment through bank deposits and PayPal payments. The company also accepts cash, so you can give them a call and have a mini bus reserved for you. Visit their office and pay in cash – and voila! Your daily bus transport service is all set.

Do not be scared to try out the many benefits that traveling via a mini bus can provide. With its help, you can ensure that you and your entire group will be able to explore the country’s fascinating tourist attractions together!