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Minibus Hire Singapore – Group Tours in Style

13 Seater Mini bus Hotline

13 Seater Mini bus Hotline

A minibus Singapore puts fashion and style in your group tour with today’s sophisticated and modern rides. This type of vehicle is highly recommended for groups of tourists and even locals looking for special rides for a special occasion. Minibuses are practical transportation options because these rides accommodate a large number of passengers. Despite the typically huge construction, luxury minibuses still exude that kind of elegance and sophistication like the ones you see in high end limousines.

Minibus Singapore Features and More

Modern passengers need to incorporate comfort, style, and practicality when it comes to group tours in Singapore. Instead of the usual limo car, you can rent a minibus for your travel accommodation. The only difference between a minibus service Singapore and a limousine car is the space and seating capacity. When it comes to superior performance and exquisite design, luxury minibuses are inferior to none. There are numerous features that innovative luxury minibuses possess including the following:

Seating Capacity

A minibus Singapore is ideal for group trips and excursions, bringing you to point A to B around the metropolis. The typical seating capacity for luxury minibus is 10 and even more. The capacity the unit to accommodate passengers however is potentially limited if there are sets of luggage to carry.

Rental Type

Different bus companies offer their respective rental packages for their minibus units. For instance, there is the transfer only service which is a one-way transport from point A to B. You may also opt for a two-way service, return trip, and multiple transfers. Other minibus Singapore services include arrival transfer, departure transfer, and hourly disposal.

Luggage Space

In order to accommodate your luggage and other bulkier stuffs, most minibuses have flexible designs such as the foldable seats for luggage space enhancement. Nevertheless, if you want to maximize your seating capacity, you can pack light and reserve the seats for more passengers inside the bus.

Interior and Exterior Design

The best thing about contemporary minibus Singapore fleets is that they have innovative designs inside and out. Most units have large door access with automatic sliding features for convenience and style. Passengers experience the ultimate comfort with the higher roof space especially while boarding and traveling. A lot of units have expansive dimensions so that there are no cramped spaces inside the bus. Multiple passengers could actually enter or go out the vehicle together with such expansion of the minibus construction. The minibus also boasts of its air-conditioned and carpeted interiors so that passengers stay fresh and comfortable all throughout the trip.

Other Chauffeured Services

On top of the sightseeing and group tours, a minibus Singapore is also ideal for other transport services such as client pickup, business trips, wheelchair transfer, tri bike transfer, wedding service, and executive chauffeur.

Singapore is a booming city that offers the most eccentric and breathtaking tourist attractions in today’s world. You can experience the remarkable tourism of the metro on board the most innovative and classy minibus Singapore unit. Book a ride and enjoy your trip in style.