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Minibus for Hourly Charter – Why this is a Really Smart Way to Travel for an Event?

minibus rental servicesCompanies planning to host events out of town are in need of the right transportation to not only take their clients to the venue, but also their staff members and large pieces of equipment; acquiring the services of a minibus for hourly charter is definitely the best choice in transportation.

Uses of Minibus Rentals

Locals and tourists alike can take advantage of the different services that a professional mini bus charter company offers. Here are some of the most noteworthy ones:

  • Tours and airport transfers – these uses or services are two of the most common ones, since tourists or visitors are and will always need the right means to get around the country and explore the different tourist destinations here. Airport transfers are also available to make sure that passengers will be picked up at the airport and driven to their booked hotels or any other place they would like to go to.
  • Weddings and Events- local residents who need transportation for different events and even weddings can rent out a coach bus for the day. They can even book them for a specific number of days, depending on their needs.

Advantages of Minibus for Hourly Rates

Sure, you can rent a minibus for an entire day, but what if you do not need to? What if you simply need to be at a particular place for a good number of hours? Well, this is where hourly charters are now available at your disposal. This charter mini bus service offers several advantages:

Choice of Hourly Packages

You do not have to settle and pay for a 12 hour promo package when you only need their services for a good 3 to 5 hours. The company offers 3 different hourly packages:

  • 3 hour package with unlimited stops, no extra charges or fees such as for parking and ERP.
  • 8 hour package with unlimited stops and no extra fees or charges
  • 12 hour package offering the same unlimited stops and zero extra fee – services.

Additional Services

Aside from the hourly promos or packages, you can always rely on your mini bus service and its staff members to help you with your travel needs, no matter how long or short your hours on the road are. You can take advantage of the following additional services or features to further ensure your comfort and convenience:

  • Bulky items transfer – in case you will be needing to transport larger items to and from your event venue.
  • Wheelchair transfer – this add on is perfect for those who will be transporting or traveling with elderly or those with physical disabilities. The bus will be equipped with the right attachment or mechanism to help those in wheelchairs get on and off the bus with ease.
  • Airport transfer – you can also pay for airport pick up and drop off, if that is the only type of charter bus service that you need.

In the event that an hourly extension is needed, all you need to do is give your charter bus company a call and make the request. They will surely have the best and the most affordable add-on rates for you.