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Mistakes To Avoid When Booking Vehicle Rental

Mistakes To Avoid When Booking Vehicle Rental

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When long holidays approach, many Singaporeans usually take this opportunity to respite from their endless pile of work from school or work. Or sometimes, they simply want to get away from the hassle and bustle of the city, to refreshing and relaxed resorts within the country or abroad.

Many people go for vehicle rentals and opt to drive to their destinations. On the other hand, some choose to book maxi cab services in Singapore and use the cab to travel to their destinations and back.

Whereas booking maxi cab is an excellent move, there are some common mistakes most people make, preventing them from having the best experience they could possibly get.

Here’s a list of some of the mistakes you need to avoid when booking a maxi cab vehicle rental.

Making The Last Minute Dash To Book

Although not forbidden, making the last minute dash for an airport transfer in Singapore is not advisable.

You’ll encounter all sorts of challenges when making the online booking; from clogged or slow websites to hiked prices and exorbitant fees.

But why does this exactly happen? Well, the answer is pretty simple, you are not the only one trying to make a last minute dash. There are loads of other Singaporeans who, just like you, wait till the last minute to make a booking.

Most cab companies and car rentals have recognized this habit and invented a way to cash in. These companies charge an extra fee for late bookings, a cost that is completely avoidable.

So, if you have travel plans coming up soon, don’t procrastinate. Plan properly and book your maxi cab well on time, avoid the inconveniences and save money.

Choosing The Wrong Vehicle

Many maxi cab companies in Singapore offer between a 7 seater maxi cab to a 13 seater minibus. The price differences are often not too wide and clients, who are frequently in a hurry, make the error of picking the wrong vehicle size when booking.

They end up choosing a vehicle that is either too big or too small for their need.

You may not know exactly which vehicle will suit your purposes. However, whenever you want to book for a maxi taxi in Singapore, take your time and chat with the friendly customer service agent on the other end. Also ensure that you give pertinent details about your travel such as the number of passengers, and luggage that you have.

You don’t want to end up paying extra for an unused space or travel to your destination while seated in an awkward position because the luggage has taken up more space than anticipated.

Selecting The Wrong Pick up Details

It may sound like a mistake that should never happen but many Singaporeans, especially the last minute bookers, tend to select incorrect pickup details when booking a maxi cab in Singapore.  A vast majority end up selecting an incorrect pickup time that is either too early or too late.

This is especially dangerous when you need to travel to the airport and catch a flight or if you are heading for an important meeting.

Being late for your appointment is frustrating, you don’t want to complicate it with an incorrect maxi cab booking. So, take time and verify your pick up details.

To conclude, maxi cabs are an amazing and affordable way to travel. Avoid these mistakes and you’ll be sure to have the best experience with each booking.