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Mobility in the Transportation Industry


The needs of the general riding public are being put under the microscope thus paving way to massive improvements, changes, and even trends in the transport service industry. Recently Uber in the United States started pushing for all inclusive ride-sharing services that would benefit their nonmobile senior citizens.

Freedom in Motion

The recent change that Uber has proposed came from citing statistics from the American Public Transportation Association and indicates that a big number of the American senior citizens are no longer mobile, unable or disallowed to drive their own cars, and cannot go places unless assisted or driven.

Considering that most of the general adult riding public need their own vehicles to be able to comfortably live their daily lives, it is a remarkable thing that these senior citizens are left out of the picture. They also needed some form of transportation of their own in order to go about their daily businesses.

This problem paved a way to a simple solution. In partnership with the city of Gainesville, Florida, and a local eldercare network, Uber launched a program called Freedom in Motion. This program offers the senior citizen riding public ride sharing services for the elderly which will include wheelchair accessible vehicles.

As you know, Florida is where a lot of the US’s senior citizens move to retire. This new transport program will give the aging population the independence to move about and explore their city or visit friends in the area. They will be able to have the liberty to lead their lives and not be cooped up in their retirement homes all the time.

Always Inclusive, Never just a Trend

Singapore’s public transportation has been mindful and inclusive for a very long time. It is the sign of a very progressive society. In this country, it is part of the culture to be of service to persons with disabilities and the elderly. You can take the train, the bus and other public transport services in the country and you will know that the word “public” does not end with every able-bodied citizens of the world. Public is all encompassing.

All Encompassing Service from the Beginning

SGMaxi has always been in line with this “culture of service”. For us, it is part and parcel of what makes us a great company and why we have always had great reviews on service and professionalism. We have had many great reviews!

We take pride in making sure that our services isn’t just for the tourists and the citizens in the country availing our airport transfer services, or the maxi cab and mini bus services, nor is it just for the businessmen or party goers taking our limousine services in Singapore that would take them and their guests towards the next meeting or gathering. We have always been very particular in ensuring that all the needs of our customers are well taken care of.

At SGMaxi, we make sure that the persons with disabilities and the senior citizens are comfortable from pick up through drop off. As the worldwide society pushes to keep up with the “trend” of a compassionate, understanding and inclusive service, we are proud to say that we were there from the start with our wheelchair accessible transfer services and the highly skilled and very helpful drivers that would take you wherever you needed to be. Once you book with SGMaxi, we give you the guarantee that our service does not end at getting you from point to point. It ends when we get you to where you needed to be happy, safe, and at ease.