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NEWS: Elderly Man Hit by A Taxi at Marina Bay Sands


On September 24th 2016 afternoon, a terrible accident at the Marina Bay Sands Tower 1 hotel driveway sent a 69-year old Marina Bay Sand’s valet captain and Trans-Cab driver to the hospital.

Police were alerted at around 1:30PM, and according to the police report, both were taken to the hospital conscious and were given immediate treatment at Singapore General Hospital.

Caught on Camera

Though investigations are still ongoing, the horrific incident was caught on video via a dashboard camera from a vehicle near the scene. The video footage shows how the red Trans-Cab sped towards the elderly victim while he was walking along the driveway.

The victim tried to take steps back seemingly in shock but the taxi continued to speed towards him and sent him flying after the impact.

The cab seemingly out of control ran straight to crash into a pillar and into a stop by the bushes. You then see the driver getting out of the cab and checking on the victim and staff headed towards the accident site.

Safety is Important

Accidents may happen all the time, but can definitely be prevented. It seems though based on the driver’s reaction and the car’s behavior that the cause may have been due to a failure in the vehicle. But as the investigation is still ongoing, the cause of the accident has yet to be identified.

It is important to be vigilant all the time whether you’re on the road as a pedestrian or behind the wheel. It is also very important for drivers to make sure to check the condition of their vehicle before leaving the garage. Including breaks, automated systems, oil, water and safety features.

In today’s busy and fast-paced world, safety precautions tend to be forgotten unless reinforced by operators. Sadly, this terrible miss can lead to horrible accidents like this. That is why safety is of the utmost importance to us, be it our maxi cab services or our premium Rolls Royce Limo, safety is always placed at a premium no matter which vehicle you are travelling with us!

SGMaxi’s Safety Standards

At SGMaxi, we understand the value of safety, and we make it a priority to ensure that our vehicles are maintained to the highest levels and standards of both safety and comfort. We have recently been awarded the BizSafe Level 3 certifications as are working towards other quality certifications as well.

Apart from this, our drivers and support staff are well-trained in both safety standards and emergency response. So we are always ready for emergencies apart from being the best when it comes to safety and avoiding accidents. Our maxi cabs and minibuses, limousines services and buses for charter are all equally maintained to these high standards.

Our maxi cabs are often hired to transport family members, dear friends or very valuable goods or and equipment, so we take it as our duty to ensure the safety of our passengers and cargo. So if you’re looking for a ride that’s convenient, reliable and most of all, safe with consistency in delivery, all you need to do is to book with SGMaxi online or through the phone.

We’ll take you and your luggage where you need to go and you can be sure that you get there safely sitting in the best comfort you can hire for your transport services in Singapore.