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News: India Announces Fare Matrix for Maxi Cabs from Airport


Countries all over the world are now working on ensuring that travellers who enter their domain through their airports are given good service and fair rates.

Recently, India issued superior customer service delivery guidelines for Maxi Cab operators and set up fixed fare rates for hiring the services of Maxi Cabs coming from their airports. The guidelines and fare matrix covers prepaid motor taxi cabs with seating capacity of about 8 to 10 passengers.

Anxiety in Travelling

Travel to an unfamiliar country usually brings about excitement but it also makes one weary and hyper vigilant due to the increasing crime rates and violence reported all around the world. Unscrupulous individuals usually prey on unsuspecting tourists. It is not just about violent crimes or robberies. It can be as simple as overcharging rides or rigging meters and then taking you through different routes so they could charge you more. These circumstances take away the pleasure from discovering the new sights and wonder that is right in front of you.

Picture this, you have just landed, you do not know much about the place and know no one. Your first move is to find a way to get to your hotel so you can freshen up and rest, or explore this country previously unknown to you.

You find a Maxi cab service that says they will take you to where you needed to be and they gave you a fee. You think it’s a little steep but takes the ride anyway just so you can get to the safety of your hotel. You then find that the vehicle you are about to board looks a little run down and not very well maintained. You go ahead with it anyway since you gave your word to the driver already.

On the road, you find the driver over speeding and seem to be taking you to a different route. You fret. Over charging, bad customer experience, questionable driving etiquette, and even crimes are happening all the time in a lot of Asian countries which caused the governments to step in.

Leave the Worries Behind

Singapore has long established itself as a safe place for travel. It has ensured the safety of the people passing through by putting a lot of safety nets. Rules and regulations have been set in place by the previous governments and have been followed through by strict implementation by the succeeding ones.

Although this may be the case for Singapore’s transport service industry, the advent of new technology has brought about an influx of new types of transport service offerings such as Uber, Grab and even self-driving taxis. A traveller using these types of services can never be exactly sure of the type of vehicle they will be finding available, the quality of the vehicle they will find, nor of the skills and level of professionalism that the driver will have. This is because these people are normally private individuals working as drivers on their free time.

Now if you compare the likelihood of getting a rude or unprofessional driver, or even a rundown car when you book with Uber or Grab versus going with a private company like SGMaxi, your chances of getting the better drivers will be with us.

Why? Because all of our drivers go through strict standards of background checks and training prior to hiring. Our lines of maxi cabs, mini buses, and limousines are very well maintained and would pass even the strictest safety criteria.

So the next time you fly to Singapore, book with SGMaxi and leave your worries behind. Our fleet of maxi cabs, mini buses, and limousines together with the most qualified drivers are at your disposal. In case you need airport transfer services or even bus charter services, we can also provide those for you.

You can rest easy that we will get you to your destination safe, secure, comfortable, and with time to spare.