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News: Self-Driving Taxi Service To Arrive In Singapore


A cool new tech is coming to Singapore giving us a taste of what the future transportation could be like. This tech, though currently still on trial phase, provides chosen test members the experience of being able to grab a cab using their mobile smart devices, ride a self-driving car and to make it even better, all for free.

Though tests for self-driving automated cars have been driving around public areas for a number of years now, like those run by Volvo and Google, this particular project is getting ahead of Uber by a few weeks in offering this free ride to the public as per the CEO of nuTonomy.

That’s right, it’s nuTonomy leading the project and not one of those big vehicle companies. A start-up company based in the US that has offices both in the US and in Singapore. It was founded by 2 MIT Researchers who have specialization in robotics particularly focused on driverless technology. It’s the first company in Singapore to get government approval to use and test their technology on public roads within a small designated location.

What’s In This Driverless Ride

Since nuTonomy specializes more in the robotics part of it don’t expect to see any luxurious futuristic car models. Still a step-up from their 2014 electronic self-driving golf carts, these tests will be run with Electric Mitsubishi and Renault cars.

The vehicles have been set-up with cameras and equipped with nuTonomy’s software working with a multifaceted laser system that works like a radar analyzing the car’s path and surroundings.

The project is still on a test phase and so a back-up driver still takes the driver seat, though only as a back-up should anything go haywire and to monitor the condition of the car and the software’s performance.

Imagining The Benefits

NuTonomy shared their vision of expanding the project and being able to deploy a bigger fleet of self-driving electronic cars to the public in Singapore. It’s something they find easier to deliver in Singapore because the city generally has well-organized and disciplined traffic compared to other countries.

This cool tech comes with some benefits as well. For one, test passenger have no need to interact with talkative or nasty taxi drivers, and getting a cab is easy and conveniently done using mobile smart devices.

But You Need More Than A Ride

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