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News: Uber Launches MaxiCabs in Queensland, Australia


Uber makes its way into Australian headlines as they start their own line of maxi cabs. It may be a norm here in Singapore to have the option to hire a maxi cab, but this is something new in Australia’s transportation industry.

Uber’s maxi cab service, UberXL was announced to the public just after Queensland government announced its decision to mark up the fines for Uber drivers by $943 and penalizing administrators who illegally operate with a fine of up to $23,560.

Their service provides customers access to vehicles that can seat up to 6 people instead of them having to spend about 30% more on costs of hiring two separate maxi-taxis.

Though there are clear benefits, this move by Uber was deemed disrespectful against the government and the due process by Mr. Benjamin Wash, Chief Executive of Taxi Council Queensland.

Meanwhile, Uber’s spokeswoman says while they are working with the government on a review they still conduct operations as business as usual and are continuing to aim to provide transportation options to the public that they feel is safe and affordable.

From the Queensland Government’s Side

Although, the one important thing that Uber has seemed to ignore is that ride-sharing is currently illegal in Queensland. Despite this announcement of their maxi cab service though, Mr. Striling Hinchcliffe, Queensland’s Transport Minister has not commented directly about it.

He commented that “While the Queensland government welcomes innovation in transport, passenger safety will always remain our number one priority and our transport inspectors must have the appropriate tools to ensure they can uphold current and any future regulations”

Meanwhile, their government has put together a task force that will be reviewing safety measures and regulations that could allow ride-sharing in the country.

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